Planning a Vacation with Pets


Are you planning to get a hideaway from the bustle of daily routine? Relishing a tour with family is a perfect option to rejuvenate the mind and soul. However, this is not the same for those who own a pet. If you own a pet and want to take it on your trip, you should follow some important tips and suggestions. Here are some points that you must consider while planning a holiday tour with your pet:

While selecting transportation mode, keep your pet in mind

While travelling with the pet, you must make certain that it has getting a comfortable place. The mode of transportation should be selected considering the pet. You make carry small dogs and cats in the pet carrier. In the case of cats, most of the felines love the comfy and serene environs of carrier. You must restrain the dog with safety harness of the car if you making them sit on the car’s seat. In case of traveling with pet in an airplane, it is suggested to keep them under the seat.

Provide your pets regular breaks for bathroom

Always remember that your pooch needs regular bathroom breaks. For that reason, you should plan some extra time in your trip. In case of long trips in car, it is important to take frequent stops and mark out the regular bathroom breaks. In order to keep the resting points clean, you should not forget to bring the waste control items. It is important to bring a waste bag so that you can clean the place where you will rest. It is wise to place a litter box in the pet carrier in case of travelling with a pet feline. Scoop the box in consistent span of time so that you can keep the carrier fresh.

Carry sufficient food and water

The pets usually do not afford change in the diet and it can cause them the upset of stomach. It may ruin the fun of the trip as well. You will be looking after your pet all the time and will end uop enjoying nothing. Thus, it is advisable to bring the sufficient food and distilled water with you. By doing this, you can avoid the issues that may arise by drinking local water.

Be alert while offering meals

Offer your pet the small snacks on the frequent basis and avoid giving them heavy meals. Fresh water is an important constituent of the diet and the same goes with the pets as well. Do not proffer them new food on the trip.

Choose accommodation that are pet-friendly

It is important to make certain that in the hotel where you are booking the accommodation, the pets are allowed. It will be very good if the accommodation is also having areas where you can walk with your pet. In the case of campground, you should remain stick to the pet rules.

Get prepared to for the change in environment

You should be ready to bear the climatic change if you are going to a place with distinct weather conditions. At the higher altitudes, the dogs with short nose will feel the problem in breathing. The issue of corneal ulcer may arise in the dogs when you take them in the arid areas like deserts. If the vacation has been planned in dry region, you should bring the natural tear solution in order to provide moisture to the dog’s eyes.

Give them time and space

Your vacation can be frenzied and thus you should offer an adequate amount of down time to your pet. It will certainly be enjoyable for you if you take out sometime in the day and spend it with your pet. Your pet will also feel pampered even on the trip. You should not avoid the regular exercise of your pet. The regular exercise that is continued even in the getaway will help your pet remain fit and fine.

Keep the regular medicines of your pet

The routine medicines are important for your pet’s health. You should not forget its importance in trip as well. A tick prevention medicine is vital to take at the places where it is anticipated to live in the wooded area.  You pet ay pick fleas left by the previous cat or dog visitors at the verdant spaces. Ask your vet to stipulate a calmative in case if your pet is a bit nervous for the trip. It will make your trip easy for you as well for your coddled pet.

Bring all the important papers

It is imperative to bring the health certificate of your pet. The vet should attest that certificate. It is important especially in the case of interstate travel. This will help in certifying that your pet will not transfer parasites or infectious disease. It will be smart if you bring the pet’s medical records so that you will be ready with all the significant details like immunization records and history at the time of emergency.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you savor an engrossing trip with your pet. Through proper concern and care, you can grab a bag full of pleasant trip memories with your pampered pet!