Is Physical Activity Necessary For Losing Weight?


If there is an Olympic event for being overweight, then Australia all around could well be the gold champion!

A 2008 Report entitled “Australia’s Future Fat Bomb” identified that 26% of Australians are clinically obese (Body Mass Index >30 i.e. significantly obese.) The US came to a little behind at 25%. The Record also showed that 7 out of 10 middle-aged guys, and 6 out of 10 middle-aged women are obese (i.e. BMI >25.) This truly is an epidemic!

According to the Report Summary… “Fortunately, weight reduction can be achieved through lifestyle changes for example increased physical activity and dietary modifications.”

This message is getting spread out to the community, in federal government health programs, on Television, from the media and it is now ingrained in the real fabric of Australian society. But we’re nevertheless getting fatter!

Even worse, in the event, you really verify the medically researched evidence you uncover that “exercise more, eat excellent things, remove the bad stuff” solutions don’t function. It is may appear unbelievable, but that’s what the research shows.

Very first of all, moving more, aka physical exercise, just isn’t an excellent pounds reduction technique in your attempts of losing weight. That may seem incredible to many folks, but this is not theory. The authoritative Cochrane Collaboration summary of the research on”weight reduction with exercise is damning. It says workout is excellent for several things, including living longer and feeling physically and psychologically far better as well as getting a desirable shape but it only offers an average of 1 kilogramme of weight loss. I’ve never had a patient ask me to assist them to shed a ‘mere’ one kilogramme – and however, they still turn to exercise.

Secondly, basically cutting back on what you eat or avoiding certain foods, i.e. dieting, is flawed as well. Dieting succeeds long term for much less than 10% of the population. For most people, dieting is more likely to trigger weight Gain inside the long-run. Any pounds lost appears to come back more than time and with a small bit additional. That is the so-called yo-yo dieting impact. Research right after research on everything from surgery to pills, to well-known diet plan programs, exhibits the exact same anti-gravity pattern. A weight that goes down, much more often than not basically comes back up. That was my encounter with a loved one’s medical doctor.

What I came to understand is the fact that this ‘good advice’, and all my medical advice, was incorrect. However even for people who believe they’ve tried and failed at seemingly every method, there are details about why you haven’t succeeded, and what you can do as an alternative.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams is a freelance writer who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a total nutrition enthusiast, who believes that true happiness comes from taking care of your body and having great relationships. She regularly shares her thoughts at Wingman Magazine.