Pet Blogger: New Writer Joins to Help Pets and Their People


This pet blogger hopes to inform; educate; entertain and make you think, but most of all, will make you fall in love with animals!

As a new Natural News pet blogger, I had a very complex post planned for today–but then I decided that I’d like to introduce myself to you first…

Let me share a little bit about me, your new pet blogger!

I’m a long-time animal rescuer and advocate.  I even became a vegetarian/mostly vegan because I would rather love the animals, and be their friends, rather than eat them!

Interested in stopping animals from needlessly dying, in shelters especially, I worked on a special project, Project Hope, to perfect the natural treatment for CDV–Canine Distemper. (Yes, it works!  See the links below for more information.)

I have been interested in natural health and living for animals–and for their people–for as long as I can remember.  In fact, almost every nook and cranny at the special needs animal sanctuary that I co-founded, the Rescue Ranch, is filled with herbs, oils, tinctures, supplements, homeopathic remedies and more.

I work with special needs animals, from the injured and the sick to the dying and disabled.  I have even birthed my fair share of baby animals, some even in unexpected places. I have learned animal by animal, case by case, how to solve some of the most challenging health issues–or how to prevent them.  Luckily, vets have coached me along the way. Doctors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, chiropractors, energy healers, intuitives and more…  I am not a medical professional, and offer no medical or veterinary advice, but as a pet blogger, I will share with you lots of natural tips and insights so that you can begin your own research. You can even share my post/s with your own vet or doctor to open a dialogue.

I live and work on the special needs dog sanctuary, the Rescue Ranch (Houston), caring for many furry, much loved, darlings ’round the clock.  My experience ranges from first aid, to wellness and prevention, remedies and solutions. Caring for the terminally ill, abandoned or surrendered by their owners, I support the dogs emotionally and spiritually so that they “cross over” naturally. In fact, awhile back, I was asked to share my experiences which I’ve been doing consistently, most recently as a pet blogger for the last six years on a major newspaper website.

I also intend to share with you new (healthy and natural) products–edible and some not–for your pets (and their people if they also apply to them) that I encounter along the way. (I promise that this pet blogger and/or the Rescue Ranch dog testers–as appropriate–will try everything out first. I’ll only write about the stuff that I think you’ll be interested in.)

In this blog, I will also share the knowledge of experts, through original interviews, about dealing with health issues naturally; natural living and pet-centric subjects that I just know would interest you.  (I have been a long-term Natural News reader myself!) Some of my pet blog posts will be entertaining but informative; others will be as serious as the subject matter dictates.

So, here’s to a great new year ahead together. I’ll officially be on-board with my Natural News’ pet blogger hat on–writing regularly–after the holidays. In the meantime, please email me or leave your comments below (before then or whenever) and keep my ‘wheels’ turning. I welcome all suggestions for future stories; questions you may have and need answered; tips you want to share or want me to share.  I can even handle a (gentle) critique or two.  I want to do my best to help the animals and you, their caretakers and best advocates, so help me to do just that.  My email is: or just leave a comment below. Thanks!

Wishing y’all a big, very happy holiday–from Texas!





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Thanks for visiting "For Pets and Their People," my Natural News blog. About J.D.Ward: I've been rescuing and advocating for animals and natural health since forever! I became a vegetarian/vegan most years, because I would rather be friends with animals rather than (ugh!) the alternative. I began writing about animals and health to help them and their people about fifteen years ago. I hope that I can continue to make a difference in their lives. I love learning about new things as much as I love sharing what I learn. Hey--Follow Me! Sending Hugs from the Herd--the Rescue Ranch herd that is! (