Permanent Arthritis Pain Relief


Permanent Arthritis Pain Relief Can Be Had, When You Find the Right Doctor

For the millions of people with osteoarthritis of all kinds, there is a solution your doctor is not telling you. In fact, he probably is telling you that there is no permanent solution, just NSAIDs and eventually “his Big Payday” —  joint replacement surgery.

Don’t blame him, he knows next-to-nothing about the body’s ability to repair itself when we give it plenty of the right raw materials. He doesn’t know, because medical schools — sponsored and financed by the pharmaceutical industry — don’t teach him stuff they won’t profit from.

Have you ever noticed that medical research looks for “cures” in the most obscure and expensive places, such as our genetics?  Never do they look into something as simple and inexpensive as teaching us how to eat and supplement in order to prevent disease!

“Oh, and please, Mr. or Ms. Patient, Don’t waste your money on nutritional supplements!”

I’ve suffered from unpredictable, excruciating back pain and muscle spasms for more than 40 years, until I met a doctor who could tell me the liberating truth — our body is designed to repair itself. Surgery is rarely needed.

The problem with most of the superfoods and great supplement discoveries, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, is that they don’t include all of the nutritional trace elements and co-factors needed to make truly lasting repairs. We also don’t take enough of them.

A pill or two at breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not do the job.

I’ve tried most of those pills in my quest for relief. I’ve wasted a lot of money on Chiropractors, when I should have spent the money on giving my body the complete nutritional support it needs to do the job.

Looking back, I realize I just hadn’t met the right doctor, yet.

This lasting solution for osteoarthritis relief is something your MD or DO(osteopath) will no doubt tell you cannot be done. And, for him, this is true. He wasn’t taught how.

What he should say is, “I don’t know how to do that and the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t found it worth their time to create the nutritional products it would require.”

Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical industry finds it safer to tell him that permanent arthritis relief can’t be had…for any price.

We see this principle used over and over in modern medicine. For those of us who want the best health, we need to look deeper and not take, “We have no cure for that,” as a final answer.

You probably know this, but it’s worth repeating because we see the mainstream medical profession telling us the same lame excuse for why they have no cures for a long list of conditions. It is the reason why the cost of prescription drugs keeps going up and up. It is a big limitation — an intentional “blind spot” — in the business model of allopathic medicine and frankly, it is causing a lot of suffering.

(Don’t You Know It!)

The truth is simply this: No natural substance can be patented. So, a new substance must be created which will be unfamiliar to the body.

The pharmaceutical companies have set up a barrier to competitors that makes it so expensive to create any new drug that they MUST be able to patent it and jack the price up — and, even then, it will usually do a poor job, full of nasty side-effects.

All this trouble they go to, just to keep you from finding out that — by providing your body the right forms of specific nutrients in amounts sufficient to do the job — your body knows how to heal itself.

This is a beautiful thing, and it’s really a travesty that our “healers” won’t tell us — and it’s bankrupting American families and our nation, itself.

If you think about it, you have seen this ability in action many times. Every time you get a cut on your skin, it repairs itself very well, with no help from a doctor. If you are deficient in many of the trace elements and other raw materials that are needed, it may take longer to heal, but eventually your body will repair the damage.

The problem is, the soils on which most of our food is grown, are very depleted. Our mass production style of modern agriculture doesn’t replace all the minute nutrients that we used to add back with composting, adding wood ashes and other sources of the 60 minerals our bodies need every day.

Many areas of the country don’t contain certain very important trace elements to begin with. As a result the Amish, living in some parts of the Midwest have extremely high rates of muscular dystrophy, caused by the lack of selenium in their soils.

So, even if we eat a very healthy, balanced organic diet, we’re all borderline undernourished.

To compound the problem, many factors have reduced our ability to properly digest the nutrients we DO consume. Gluten is a big problem.

Salt-restriction diets reduce the body’s ability to produce the strong stomach acid needed to digest our food optimally.

Antacids, likewise, are counterproductive. Soft drinks and other acidic foods pull calcium out of our bones to keep our Ph at the right level.

It Is Amazing How Most Doctors Dissuade Us from Correcting the Source of Joint Pain!

There are a few tweaks which you will need to make to your diet, so you can efficiently absorb the nutrients you will need. These tweaks will help in other areas of your health, too. You can obtain a list of these changes — a Good Foods/Bad Foods list — at the Web site of one of my mentors, Dr. Peter Glidden. In return for signing up to receive his newsletter, you will receive the list of foods that are recommended and those that should be avoided, as well as a video on why it is important to avoid sources of gluten.

While you are preparing your digestive track to get the maximum benefit of the supplements, let’s get you out of pain!

Another wonderful product which your doctor may never have heard about, is the herb kratom, which is giving many thousands of Americans good pain relief for back pain, creaky joints, and many unrelated conditions.

Kratom Is Another Way to Relieve Joint Pain, Chronic Back Pain, DDD, that Doctors Don’t Want You To Discover

Most of those who use kratom for pain find it so effective, they apparently feel that kratom is all they need. I believe this is a mistake. There are still major mineral deficiencies in all of us — and if you are still feeling pain when the kratom has worn off, you still have a problem.

Continuing to use the joint or to put stress on your Degenerative Disk Disease is making the injury worse. Pain is merely your body’s “red warning light,” urging you to FIX the problem. Cutting the wire to the warning light doesn’t solve the problem.

Kratom is an amazing herb, grown in richly mineralized jungle soils in Southeast Asia. We know it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory compounds in it, but I have yet to see an analysis that convinces me that it contains all the major minerals and other substrates necessary for rebuilding our bones and joints, by itself.

And so, until I do, I will continue to take Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Bone & Joint Pack for the peace of mind it gives me of never having to worry about my back slipping out of place again or the painful sciatica pain and numbness I used to experience about once a week before I met Dr. Wallach and began taking his scientifically-formulated bone repair supplements and plant-derived colloidal minerals.

Dr. Wallach’s credentials are too extensive to list here. His products are not inexpensive, but they work. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has made sure that quality nutritional supplements are not covered by health insurance — but joint replacements and back surgery are.

If you’d like to learn more about repairing osteoarthitis with Youngevity nutritional products, contact me here

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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.