Part II of Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Cure for Cancer Saga


After getting shut down while trying to share his miracle cure of hemp oil with THC for cancer and to impress public officials in Nova Scotia to legalize it, Rick Simpson went public internationally. He posted his well done home grown YouTube documentary “Run From the Cure”.

The documentary ends with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that stopped the Maccan community’s use of the cannabis oil that cures even cancer. The incredibly useful hemp plant is so maligned by greedy vested interests that growing hemp, even without THC, is commonly outlawed.

Nevertheless, Rick Simpson’s THC hemp oil (now known as cannabis oil) cancer cure has fueled a groundswell of support to legalize the hardy hemp for mankind’s benefit.

Rick is Welcomed to Amsterdam

On November 26th, 2009, Rick was crowned the Freedom Fighter of the Year at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Ironically, the day before he had been notified that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) wanted to see him when he returned. He knew returning home would keep him from using the only medicine that worked for him as he aged. So he decided to stay in Europe.

Rick felt this was primarily a tactic to keep him away because the authorities had already known what he was doing. He had made offers to freely help others with THC hemp (cannabis) oil public on talk radio. Some RCMP personnel were even sending sick people to Rick for cures!

He regretted not being able to return home for his fellow Canadians, but he had no choice. Though now exiled in Europe, Rick has gained allies internationally. Now the world wide cannabis freedom movement has an empirically proven powerful curing agent as their banner for legalizing hemp with THC.

A Few Facts Regarding Medical Uses of Cannabis or Medical Marijuana

In North America until the late 1930s, medicinal hemp tinctures with THC were available in most pharmacies. Even without THC, hemp is currently banned in the USA. In the mid-1940s, cultivating an ecologically friendly crop of hemp was phased out and made illegal. Its many useful and economical applications tell something of the suppression’s source:

* Inexpensive non toxic Medicinal applications – Big Pharma and Medical Mafia
* Hemp for oils, fuels, and even safer plastics – Petroleum industry
* Farmers would have an easy cash crop that doesn’t require pesticides – Pesticide Industry
* Fast growing hemp can be used in crop rotations to enrich soil for other crops – Fertilizer Industry
* Hemp can be used for textiles and other materials – Cotton growers and synthetic fiber manufacturers.
* Paper can be made from hemp – Lumber industry would rather chop down more trees.
* Hemp oils and seeds are extremely nutritious, virtually super foods – Big Agribusiness.

Those industries have succeeded with killing hemp cultivation in the 1940’s, and they intend to keep it that way. Amazingly, Canadians recently managed to get cultivating non-THC hemp allowed for some of the purposes listed above. A concerted grass roots effort managed to achieve that.

Unfortunately, small farmers in the USA are still not allowed to cultivate this easy cash crop that requires very little to no added pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

Reefer madness propaganda and hippie associations have created powerful stigmas associated with hemp or cannabis. Many accept the notion of using cannabis with THC for any reason as a gateway to drug addiction, while endorsing the widespread use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and toxic pharmaceuticals, which are often opiate based and addictive.

Hopefully, the last article in this series will present enough credible scientific evidence for major medical applications of cannabis with THC to help you release the dogma attached to hemp and cannabis.

Look for part III soon

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Paul Fassa
I've been writing for Natural News under my real name (Paul Fassa) and under a pen-name (PF Louis) since early 2009. My pet peeves are the Medical Mafia's control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies' corruption. Thanks to the alternative health movement's information, I've rescued myself from the walking wounded. I'm 71 and living in Santa Fe - a haven for alternative health practitioners.