Papaya Vitamins and Nutrition Facts And Its 7 Amazing Impacts Over Health


Exotic papaya fruit or pawpaw is packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. The fruit is one of the favorites of fruit lovers for its nutritional, digestive, and medicinal properties. It probably thought to have originated in the Central Americas. Papaya is grown extensively all over the tropical regions under cultivated farms for its fruits as well as for latex, papain, an enzyme that found applications in the food industry.

Papaya is an amazingly delicious fruit referred to as ‘fruits of angels’. And let me tell you one more secret! When used on your face on a regular basis you might resemble an angle too. It is very easily available and affordable. You can grow it in your kitchen garden as well. Papaya’s nutritional benefits are really amazing.

Papaya – Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts for Papaya including protein, calories, fiber, minerals and vitamins.  “One cup of cubed fresh papaya contains 0.85 grams of protein, 55 calories and 2.5 grams of dietary fiber.”

Minerals include:

  • Potassium – 360 mg
  • Phosphorus – 7 mg
  • Magnesium – 14 mg
  • Calcium – 34 mg
  • Sodium – 4 mg
  • Iron – 0.14 mg
  • Selenium 0.8 mcg
  • Zinc – 0.1 mg
  • Manganese – 0.015 mg
  • Copper – 0.022 mg

Vitamins include:  

  • Vitamin A – 1532 IU
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – 0.038 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.045 mg
  • Niacin – 0.473 mg
  • Folate – 53 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid – 0.305 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.027 mg
  • Vitamin C – 86.5 mg
  • Vitamin E – 1.02 mg
  • Vitamin K – 3.6 mcg

9 amazing papaya health benefits

Overcome digestive disorders

Papaya fruit contains enzymes and fiber papanin role in addressing the problems that occur in the body such as digestive upset stomach, constipation, hemorrhoids overcome and eradicate some of the parasites in the intestine that interfere with the digestion of food.

Increase endurance

The content of vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene which is quite high in fruit papaya role in improving the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to disease such as influenza. Vitamin C is also useful for troubleshooting canker sores in the mouth.

Protect the body from heart attack and stroke

Anti-oxidants in papaya fruit has an important role in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol and may reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in the body.

It controls bowel movements

Papaya and its seeds possess anti-amoebic and anti-parasitic characters which controls the bowel movements. It cures diseases like indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, heart burn, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers and gastric problems also.

It has anti cancer properties

Papaya’s nutritional benefits are very good for curing cancer as it contains Flavonoid contents which act as antioxidants for your body which include beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin are essential for curing cancer diseases.
As we know fruits which contain carotenes protects from lung and oral cavity cancers.
It controls the production of oxygen free radicals which cause harm to body and health.

Addressing inflammation

Combination of vitamins A, C, beta-carotene, as well as anti-inflammatory properties in papaya fruit is quite effective in addressing the problem of inflammation. It makes papaya fruit good consumed by people with asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Maintaining eye health

Vitamin A in papaya fruit was instrumental in maintaining eye health and protect the eyes from free radical attack negative.

Helps lose weight

Low in calories, as well as water and nutrient complex in papaya fruit. making it excellent for one of your diet menu.

Acts as a natural detoxification

Anti-oxidants, vitamins, and several other nutrients in papaya fruit was instrumental in helping the body to cleanse harmful toxins in the body.

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