Paleo Dietary Guidelines for Arthritis – What Are They?


Arthritis is not so nice a thing to have. Because it not only causes a person to have persistantent inflammation in one or more of their joints. It also does result in constant pain, stiffness, and swelling as well. If an individual can adopt a Paleolithic diet. It can be the very thing to prevent them from getting arthritis. However, if a person already has it, it can help them with their arthritis immensely.

Is there a real connection between diet and arthritis?

There was a paper published by Dr. Loren Cordain in a March 2000 edition of the British Journal of Nutrition. The British Journal of Nutrition featured the paper of this doctor and the subject was entirely about the Paleolithic diet and how it can combat arthritis successfully. There appears to be a very high correlation that does exist between inflammation of the stomach and inflammation of the joints. Dr. Cordain did purpose that the problem for this inflammation was due to lectins. What are lectins? Lectins are proteins that are found in grains. A high level of these lectins can cause auto-immune problems when they are consumed in large quantities.

Ditch any sort of grains, especially wheat, to avoid arthritis

You should decides to ditch any grains, specifically wheat, at any given time all the time. This is because grains are said to contain not just lectins, but also, they do have gluten in them as well. There is an intolerance towards gluten and lectins that can cause arthritis. The Paleolithic diet is completely free of any wheat’s and other kinds of breads. Those who follow the Paleolithic diet do believe that these grains are relatively new to mankind and that mankind has not had enough time yet to evolve to be able to digest them properly.

Avoid any Omega-6’s in the diet guidelines

It is also wise to avoid in taking any forms of Omega-6 fats into one’s diet. This is because Omega-6’s are said to be linked to bringing on the onset of arthritis. How is this so? The answer is a very clear. Having a high level of Omega-6’s in one’s body can lead to high levels of interleukin 6. What is interleukin 6? Interleukin 6 is a form of pro-inflammatory cytokine that has been tied directly to arthritis. Any processed oils such as corn, soybean, or vegetable oils do contain high levels of Omega-6’s in them. The things that don’t have these Omega 6’s does include butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. Whole grain breads and cereals are also a no-no and they are forbidden in the Paleolithic diet.

There are many food options in this diet that do lessen inflammation from arthritis

The Paleolithic diet does contain a wide range of food options that can successfully deal with the inflammation from arthritis. Some of these food options do include any form of either caught or wild fish. Some of these fish do include salmon and mackerel. This is because both of these fish do have lots of natural Omega-3’s in them. Omega-3 fatty acid that are known to reduce inflammation. Potatoes are also something that can help with joint pain a whole lot as well. Therefore, do eat plenty of these fish, as well as potatoes.

What does the 30-day elimination diet do the best?

The 30-day elimination diet is designed to do lots of wonderful things. What are these wonderful things? These wonderful things are no other than assist in reducing inflammation down, strengthening one’s metabolism, improving digestion, boost energy, normalizing weight, lessening allergic reactions, regulating blood sugar, and being able to successfully identify any food sensitivities that one may have. One must commit to the changes of this diet for a period of roughly 30 days for it to produce any real results for the arthritis condition that you may have.

You need to fully support your body during your Paleo Diet transition

There are three common challenges that people may run into when they are trying to successfully make a transition from their normal diet to a Paleo Diet. What are these three common challenges? These three common challenges are as follows. They are digestive problems, cravings for sugar, and low energy. There can also be a range of other symptoms that can be related to sluggish detox.


The Paleolithic Diet is all about the way that people used to eat food before the dawn of agriculture came around. It is also a diet that is very successful with the prevention of the development of the medical condition called arthritis joint pain.


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