Pakistan’s Dawn News Openly Lies about Polio Infection


Dancing to the drums of the vaccine industry, Pakistani media have been misinforming people for years now – about many issues in general, and about vaccination in particular. English-language papers are at the forefront of such public deception, an example of which is Pakistan’s leading English daily Dawn.

In its latest story on polio vaccination in Pakistan, titled New anti-polio vaccine likely to yield positive results, the paper writes:

“In January, the government also administered IPV to children in FR Bannu where most of the children had remained unvaccinated owing to which they continued to infect children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Unvaccinated children from Bannu continued to infect children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? There is no reference/link provided as to who holds this claim of unvaccinated children from Bannu infecting other children in any part of the province, or within the Bannu area. Apparently, it’s the writer’s personal belief, which indicates either the writer is utterly ignorant of science or he needed to just add claims to beef up his story.

To make such a baseless claim is no difficult – it takes less than a minute. However, to prove it would need not hours but at least days of research of high level. You need to be able to show that the virus transmitted to the children in the claimed parts of the province indeed was communicated by unvaccinated children. For that you’ll need complete records of the route of transmission: who had the virus, when did they travel to other parts, when and how they got in contact with the other kids (whether vaccinated or unvaccinated), and so on.

Previously in the article, the story makes such unsupported claims and poses to throw them as facts at the readers – most of whom of course are ignorant of science and immunology. The story writes:

“In the past, there had been scientific evidence that virus from Fata had infected children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Really? What scientific evidence? Where is the proof or specific details of such evidence? There is not even a hyperlink provided to let readers look at the “scientific evidence”. In other words, readers are fed a claim and expected to just swallow it without verification.

Of course, as a proof of irresponsible journalism, the paper has given it as news, not even as opinion. No wonder that WHO’s dollars, meant to benefit the vaccine manufacturers, are doing their magic in brainwashing the so-called “educated” people whose years of school learning have them some basic English reading skills but taken away most/any of their analytical or critical thinking skills.

Dawn is not the only paper misinforming the public. The increasingly popular Express Tribune has been an avid mouthpiece for the polio vaccinators. It runs “Polio” as a regular category in news, and when there is no news, it creates its own editorials to support polio vaccination, it’s primary source of information on the topic nearly always the administration, which is paid by the “donors” to run vaccination campaigns. The paper doesn’t allow interviews with doctors or health experts who have to say anything against the vaccine – relevant to mention here that orally administered polio vaccine, the OPV, was stopped in Europe in the ’80s and in the US in 2000 because it was causing polio cases, conveniently re-named Vaccine Associated Paralytic Polio (VAPP) – a deceptive term of the vaccine industry that Pakistani media categorically hides from its public.

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