Pain Relief with Cation Mud Therapy


Chronic and acute pain are common health issues facing many people in our society. Underlying issues such as lack of nutrient dense foods, chemical exposure, hidden infections, inflammation, poor digestion and low pH levels are often the root causes of pain. Supplements, acupuncture, and other physical therapies are often helpful, but what if we can take simple steps to make sure that all these therapies work better?

The ancients knew of the healing powers that herbs, clay, and volcanic muds offered in healing injuries, wounds and other traumas.  This wisdom has been passed down through time and cultures to relieve pain and chronic illnesses.  Specifically, cation mud therapy is still used today to alleviate pain and clear stagnant energy channels within the body.

What is Cation Mud?

Cation mud is often a mixture of detoxifying herbs, volcanic and kaolin clays, zeolite minerals, peat magma, and shilajit.  The mud’s ionic charged properties make it an excellent means of promoting the release of toxins locked within the body’s cells.  Most notable in clinical is pain relief, which is often instant and long lasting.  The placement of the mud is key to achieving good results.  When I see a patient with stubborn or chronic pain that has seemingly no explanation, I look for old injuries, scars, tatoos, broken bones or sprains on other parts of the body that may be ‘refelxing’ to the painful site.  Often, these old traumas are causing a blockage in the flow of energy through the body’s meridian system.  Cation mudpacks can be used in much the same way as acupuncture for the treatment of pain, and it is totally non-invasive and painless.  Acupuncture is a tool that is used to restore normal energy flow in the body’s meridian system, but often several sessions are needed to obtain full healing. In comparison, cation mudpacks can offer pain relief in just one or two sessions.

Examples of pain relief from cation mudpack therapy include:

~ Chronic back pain relieved by applying mud to an old ankle injury site

~ Knee pain alleviated by applying mud to surgery scar on toe

~ Neck stiffness diappears after applying mud to a vaccination and vitamin B12 injection site

~ Hip pain stops after application of mud to old injury on the shin area

Cation mudpacks also benefit the body by allowing nutrients to be better utilized at the organ and gland cellular level. Organs or glands that previously needed constant support with nutritional supplements or medications can heal more quickly with lower dosages of live, whole food source nutrients.  it is always important to avoid synthetic supplements, and instead use the far superior form of nutrients in their natural, whole food source in supplement form.  Synthetic nutrients do not provide the correct molecular structure to promote tissue regeneration and healing.

Examples of organ / gland restoration include:

~ Heart palpitations and anxiety subside after applying mud to old ankle sprain injury

~ Liver function restored after mudpacking old whiplash injury

~ Thyroid function restored after applying mud to umbilical scar

~ Lymph function improves after applying mud to C-section scar, alleviating swollen legs.

Cation mud therapy has a wide range of applications that are essential to whole body healing. Testing for proper site application of mud can be performed at the office and mudpacks can then be completed within an hour or two. Many people report instant and lasting pain relief along with faster healing of chronic health issues.  Cation mud therapy is an important and powerful healing tool that should be used as a part of any healing program.

Kathy Veon
Dr. Kathy Veon, DOM is a holistic medical practitioner with extensive training and certification in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Nutrition Therapy, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Emotional Repolarization Technique, Cation Mud Therapy, and other holistic therapies. She helps people find healing by addressing all that it means to be human: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.