Pain Management- 12 Epic Natural Painkillers To Use Instead Of Opiates


Pain in any body part makes it difficult for you to do your daily chores. Preventive measures are the best to prevent the pain to crop up in the first place. But, even after all efforts, if you are not able to save yourself from its trap.

Inflammation is a natural part of our immune system, but when it’s happening on a consistent basis it can eventually cause side effects like chronic pain and discomfort. Many people seek relief from chronic pain by trying out a high raw lifestyle.Add these foods to your diet for regular and natural pain maintenance.

Here 12 Natural Pain Killers To Use Instead Of Opiates


This herb is sourced from the frankincense tree. Its resin is used to thwart chemical reactions that cause inflammation, and thus pain. Ayurvedic scientists have used Boswellia for centuries to treat arthritic conditions, as well as inflammatory bowel disease.


An excellent herbal rub to use after intense sports, an acute injury, or even post surgery, arnica is a well-known natural pain killer among athletes and yogis. It is derived from a European flower, and has anti-inflammatory properties, although the true nature of its healing action is still unknown.


It is effective a pain reliever as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and it reduces nausea and relieves symptoms of stomach distress; contains gingerol, an ingredient that works well against rheumatoid arthritis and is being studied for its anti-cancer properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Consuming this oil raw can prevent and manage pain. Studies recommend consuming up to three tablespoons a day, preferably higher quality extra virgin olive oils. The best way to get more EVOO into your diet is to drizzle it over a salad or to use it as a base for homemade salad dressings. Throw some salmon in your diet for extra pain-killing benefits.

Coconut oil

Contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It can be used internally or externally for boosting your immune system and reducing back and joint pain. It’s also great skin moisturizer as well as a hair conditioner for dry and frizzy hair.


If you are in pain, simply sprinkle a teaspoon of freshly ground cinnamon on your cereal and in a couple of hours, you will end up feeling better. Or, you can simply make a tea from cinnamon. Blend one teaspoon of cinnamon with two teaspoons of honey and mix them in warm or hot water. Some studies also show that this paste can be used as a poultice to provide relief from arthritic pain. If you have sensitive skin, first try applying a little bit of this paste on the affected area and if it does not cause an irritation, go ahead and use it.


Cherries are not only a tasty fruit, packed with antioxidants, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties, which make them good natural painkillers. There are numerous studies, which show that cherries can relieve pain caused by gout due to a combination of different natural compounds, which fight pain and provide relief.


Turmeric helps in fighting various kinds of inflammation, chronic pain, back and muscle pain, toothache and arthritis. Also, this spice helps in successful recover of tissues and it is excellent for detoxification and improving overall health. You can add turmeric to various dishes as well as teas and juices. Turmeric is best combined with black pepper because it is most efficient used in this way.


Toothache and pain in the gums can be immediately treated with cloves. The best way to use cloves for toothache is to chew it because in that way a powerful ingredient with analgesic effect, called eugenol is released. If you are not able to handle the strong and unique clove flavor, make a strong cloves tea.


Blueberries are best natural medicine for treatment and prevention of infections of the urinary tract. They are very rich in tannin, a natural organic compound that effectively kills the bacteria that causes inflammation of the urethra.


Out of many qualities that lemon possesses, one is- ‘It is a natural pain killer’. Lemon extract is beneficial for frequent travelers, or for those whose job involves a lot of sitting. Dip a towel in a bowl of lemon juice and apply it on the aching area. You’ll get relief.

White Willow

The bark of white willow is used as a natural painkiller. The properties found in it are more like that of aspirin. It is used to cure headache, muscle contraction, lower back pain, and arthritis. Chewing the bark and swallowing its juice will also help. You can also brew this herb as tea.



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