How I Overcame My Cancer in 48 Hours with Raw Garlic


About two years ago, I noticed that I had a small lump on my right buttock. I didn’t think much of it, and assumed it would ago away soon. However, slowly with time, the lump started to grow bigger and bigger, and started to become more painful. I tried to avoid sitting for long periods of time and hoped that it would go away, but it kept growing. At some point, the lump suddenly started to grow very rapidly until it became a tumor the size of a lime, and became even more painful, to the point that I couldn’t sit on my right buttock or drive. Whenever I would accidentally sit on it, the pain was so excruciatingly painful that I would scream.

I realized that this probably was a form of benign cancerous tumor and that I needed to take action immediately. Since I’m allergic to doctors, I started researching possible natural solutions, and stumbled upon an article recommending eating one clove of garlic everyday to help with cancer. Since I already had garlic, I decided to try it. However, I decided I was not going to only eat one clove a day, I will eat 30 cloves at least, and attempt to do that several times a day.

And so that’s what I did. It wasn’t really possible to eat that much garlic raw straight, so I had to add other things to it to serve as a buffer and tone down the strong spiciness of garlic. So I started adding 30 cloves of raw organic garlic, along with other medicinal foods such as onions, ginger, and lemons, to things like ghee, soaked buckwheat or quinoa, and chia seeds, and blending all of that together in a high-powered blender, and ate that at least twice a day.

When I woke up the first morning after my first garlic elixir, I noticed that the pain was considerably less, and that the tumor started to shrink in size. I felt like it was working, and so I kept eating more garlic.

The morning of the third day, which was less than 72 hours from my first garlic elixir, I woke up, and the tumor no longer existed. It literally melted away, and a large amount of yellowish, smelly liquid was coming out of that area. I washed it away, and the tumor never came back.

That’s when I realized the real power of garlic. Most of us add garlic to our food, but we never really knew how to fully exploit its true medicinal powers. For garlic to be truly therapeutic and powerful, the following has to be in place:

  1. The garlic needs to be eaten raw.
  2. It needs to be eaten within 30 minutes of crushing it.
  3. It needs to be eaten in very large amounts, at least a full bulb a day. You can get rid of the strong odor by using the essential oils of peppermint or clove to wash your mouth.
  4. It needs to be the highest quality, organic, biodynamic, or wild garlic you can find.
  5. It needs to be fresh.

To this day, I eat at least a full bulb of garlic a day, at least 4 days a week, along with other medicinal foods such onions and lemons. Even though I no longer have a cancerous tumor, garlic has a profound effect on my mental abilities and my overall health. Garlic elixirs have also helped many of my coaching clients with losing weight very quickly. Garlic may be irritating the first few times you eat it, but after the first few times, it usually stops being irritating and it won’t be feel as spicy.

To overcome cancer, an optimized, healing diet such as the Superman Diet can be very helpful, along with eating garlic elixirs regularly. You can learn how to make a garlic elixir here.

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