The Origin of the Aquarius Constellation


Each constellation is unique to its rule over the night sky. Commonly referred to as “houses” each constellation presents not just Earth but us as people with an energetic influence that can be observed and even predicted as each house passes.

The Aquarian constellation is a unique constellation because it is well known as the “water bearer” yet remains a fixed sign under the element of air.

One of the earliest references recording the constellation of Aquarius belongs to the Babylonians. It was believed by the ancient Babylonians that the constellation of Aquarius represented the god Ea himself. The constellation was identified as “Gula” or the “The Great One” and was even depicted as holding an overflowing vase. In Babylonian astronomy Ea was the ruler of the southernmost quarter of the sun’s path or in other words the 45 days on either side corresponding to the winter solstice. This time of the year was often marked with catastrophic floods which would be regularly experienced and thus would leave the constellation negatively connoted.

The Egyptians too marked this time of the year of unusual flooding with a specific constellation that was also known to hold the vase of intense flooding. However, the Nile often times left significant clues to flooding leaving the commoner’s time to relocate resulting in less of a negative view of this constellation. According to the Egyptians Aquarius too was the comer of Spring as he can be seen depicted holding the mouth of his jar into the river.

The Greeks also had a historical account for the Aquarian constellation. According to the Greek Gods Zeus took a liking to a boy from the city of Troy by the name of Ganymede. He brought him to Mt. Olympus disguised as a hawk to serve as the cupbearer to the Gods but Ganymede soon grew tired of this position. He refused to serve the Gods and thus being impressed Zeus placed Ganymede amongst the constellations as Aquarius.

Another historical account of the constellation of Aquarius according to the Greeks is that of the Dukelion flood. Much similar to the Christian accounts of Noah and the Great Flood, the Greeks too had a historical flooding that included Dukelion and his family as the sole survivors. However, this flood took place around the islands of Greece and did not consist of the whole world.

Aquarian people tend to be highly independent but are loyal friends nevertheless. They frequently live above their own emotions causing them to shocking and sometimes even painful when speaking their mind. However, Aquarians are restless souls and are always in search for wisdom; expect these people to deviate from the crowd to find their own way.


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