Oregon Standoff, “Terrorists” and Racial Double Standards


Here is a link to a video showing, once again, that it is the Federal government and its agents who are engaged in terrorist acts and violence, and that there is absolutely nothing that they can’t get away with. As if we need any more evidence of that anyway. Where are the national media when it comes to showing the Feds burning these peoples’ homes down and their livestock alive? Where are PETA? Meanwhile, the Feds are sending Oregon ranchers to prison for back burning (controlled burning) to save their houses and grazing fields, under anti-terrorism acts. This is what has spurred the occupation (people camping) of so called “federal” land in Oregon by Americans protesting the continuous unjust actions and use of force by the State. If only we had more of that. Much more of that! But alas our masses are too conditioned and manipulated to see their own proverbial noses in front of their face.

As the laughable charges against the Oregonian ranchers and the above video demonstrates, the real terrorists are, as always, in the federal government which operates with impunity whilst claiming absolute sovereignty and authority over everyone else. Their subjects. Who seemingly refuse to collectively wake up. What’s more, incited by propaganda fueled, Leftist media outlets operating on behalf of the State, they viciously attack and calumniate those who do wake up and make a stand, as violent terrorists. But what individuals and groups that take a stand against oppressive governments aren’t vilified and smeared by the State, State media and supportive individuals who have been collectively brainwashed?

The type of individuals who can’t help but to bring up asinine racial double-standards here rather than focusing on actual government malice and abuse. For instance, they claim that if those peacefully occupying “government” land by camping there, were Black, that they would be called thugs and terrorists and even worse, dead. Of course this is a direct result of abating any attempt at critical thinking utilizing scientific principles such as properly observing, analyzing, comparing and contrasting beyond conditioned, knee-jerk, collective racial-judgement.

First off, in all of the recent racially charged riots Mainstream media has done its best to absolve the local Black communities and participants of responsibility while casting them as peaceful protestors, demonstrators and victims of social injustice who were being overshadowed by “outsiders” and “anarchist” whom the MSM ridiculously positioned as the sole parties responsible for the violence and mayhem.

Secondly, the reason that Black rioters, not legitimate Black protestors, are called thugs by many Americans of all stripes and some independent journalists when they riot; loot; burn peoples’ businesses, homes and cities down while seeking retributive racial-justice whereby people are targeted, ambushed and violently attacked for the color of their skin; is because that is not just thuggery but insanity. It is insane to attack and murder people because of the color of their skin like in the LA Riots, for example, or the Atlanta Race Riots of 1906 where Whites were targeting Blacks, and like we saw with the racial violence that came with the recent rash of racial riots. Collectively blaming individuals based on group characteristics such as skin color and attacking them, is never sane because collective racial-judgement is just an illogical form of primitivism.

Furthermore, unlike the false predictions stemming from the anti-reality sentiments of indoctrinated Leftists, Black armed protestors march in the streets with no problems whatsoever when they do so peacefully. As this video demonstrates. Also, unarmed White protestors get shot. Just look at Kent State where the National Guard started mowing down White students, for a famous example. White strikers have met similar fate. United Mine Workers were massacred by the State for its overseers in the Ludlow massacre in Colorado. Anyone who stands in the way of industry, the State and the powerful men with control over its levers is dispensable, and quickly dispensed with. It isn’t about race it is about the Powers That Be squashing dissent that threatens their power, whenever and wherever necessary, by any means necessary. As history can attest to, they won’t hesitate to put any of us down when it serves their interests. They silently carry out genocides against all racial groups daily. It is just that most are not informed about them and are too busy working harder for less, and soaking up the latest bit of distractive B.S. to become informed about.

Now contrast racially charged riots predicated on racial rage fomented by the MSM, their manufactured narratives and the ruling elite in order to manipulate people into political action against their own interests; with actual peaceful protests consisting largely of White people who are being branded by a brainwashed public and mainstream outlets as Domestic Rightwing Terrorists. People who have committed zero violence and property damage. People who are thirty miles from the nearest town and who are a threat to absolutely no one but those who assail them first with force. Now for a question for those making claims of racial double-standards regarding these apples and oranges scenarios. What if the Feds were circling Black ranchers with fires burning down their homes and torching their livestock? How differently would those hate filled anti-White zealots feel about those ranchers’ protests then? Would they be calling them terrorists? No way! And why? Because they have been indoctrinated with the dogmas of their social Marxist theology that calls for them to collectively judge the victim statuses and the grievances of individuals and groups, not based on merit, but rather on skin color and other superficial group characteristics, alone.

According to their “academic” indoctrination, government, media, and MTV Millennial shows, Whites are victimizing oppressors and non-Whites are oppressed victims. Without exceptions. All Whites are inherently “privileged” irrespective of their individual circumstances and experiences, and are thus not permitted any grievances no matter what, and anyone claiming otherwise should be laughed at and scorned. Conversely, all grievances of non-Whites are real and can never be denied because to do so would further victimize the minority groups. Reality doesn’t matter here. Only race does. It is the thing upon which an individual’s legal status, protections and entitlements are conferred. And this is what dictates whether or not an individual or a group are “terrorists” or “protestors”. Not their actions. It matters not if one group peacefully assembles in the isolation of the woods posing no threat to anyone or anything. And it matters not if another group is looting and burning down cities while committing violent acts against people out of racial rage and animosity. All that matters is where you fall on the melanin-based oppression index. Aside from that we are not supposed to analyze, compare and contrast. Just accept the new dogmas as being self-evident truth and process and proceed accordingly.

Therefore, if these protestors with real grievances were Black, those dogmatically committed to collective racial-judgment would be charging the federal government with racism and terrorism against a protected minority group under the new social hierarchy, where Minority Privilege is the law of the land. Not dismissing their grievances based on race and calling for them to be massacred by the government after branding them as terrorists. And I have a feeling that mainstream media would be having a field day with the injustices as everyone was spun into a racial frenzy. There would be more Black riots across the country prompting President Obama and the DOJ to initiate federal civil rights investigations as they bent over backwards and called for national dialogue, meaning that Whites must admit guilt, repudiate their White “privilege” and accept responsibility for all that ails non-Whites. All as cities were burning and targeted Whites were suffering brutality due to the actions of the State and those who have been conditioned and manipulated to act against an “oppressive” racial group rather than the State which actually oppresses them.

These organized movements and riots, I mean “protests” sowing more racial tension and division, would be orchestrated by social justice groups funded with tens of millions of dollars by George Soros as racial chaos ensued, and the government would likely be caving in ways we will never see with these largely White protestors. And the ire and civil rights investigations would be warranted. Just not the blame that would be shifted from the State to White people, or the violence taken out on the innocent as a result.

Make no mistake, despite what Leftist media outlets would have you believe, these rural White ranchers and protestors are not “Thugs” and “Terrorists” like the urban terrorists that proliferate the inner-cities, burning them down and terrorizing the good, hardworking families in their own communities who are shot up in their own homes, and on their own streets and playgrounds every single day across the country at rates that far exceed all police shootings by many factors. That is real terrorism by the way. But more importantly, we must understand in no uncertain terms, that It is the federal government if – more likely when – they use force, that will be the terrorists. Murdering innocent, peaceful people whom they will have forced to defend themselves. This is true no matter what color they are. Just as it is true that people who burn down peoples’ businesses and assault people who have nothing to do with their grievances are actually thugs, not protestors, no matter what color they are or how loud Leftists claim the contrary while crying racism when someone points out the obvious.

But racially dividing us is the point. Its a good trick you see. The country is intentionally kept divided between White and non-White, Left vs Right and everything else that can bring about desired division so that we are placed in boxes.  Boxes from which we are constantly undermining each other’s protests when we should be united in standing against the expansion of unchecked tyranny and the police state that is a growing threat to all of us. One that profiles us all and treats us all with suspicion and as subjects with no rights or privacy. Just revocable “privileges”.

Native Americans should be standing there with these men against federal oppressors. I mean who knows of federal oppression like they do? So should Blacks whose communities have been left to rot in tombs while the federal government commits economic terrorism against them and the rest of us, as our jobs are taken, our wages and savings eroded through the manipulation of fiat currency and the labor and job supply that affects the economic balance of power as it is increasingly, with rapidity, shifted into the hands of the ruling elite. Further widening income disparities and eliminating economic opportunity for those at the bottom as they are pushed into greater government dependency. We are all collectively having our standard of living reduced as our wealth, resources and livelihood are stolen – in ways that, unfortunately, most do not realize or have the capacity to diagnose – by an occupational government ran by shadow overseers.

We have been being plundered increasingly each and every day over a period of generations, by a criminal, occupational government that has subverted our individual, state and national sovereignty. Eradicating our rights and subjugating us in our own land while people are too busy being misdirected by the contrived racial narratives, and other false narratives propagated through the media. Too busy with gladiatorial type entertainment (sports, reality tv etc.), which is a sure sign of a dying empire in which the people become numb and induced into a lethargic trance and slumber. We must wake up and rise together or fall together under the yoke of those working towards what they always have – the enslavement of humanity.

No political party is looking out for us. We are all chattel of the State living under martial rule and the expansion of Emergency and War powers enshrined in hundreds of federal codes. Most are just to under-informed, misdirected and conditioned over a protracted period spanning from birth to ever realize it. Both political parties represent the corporate government duopoly. Your government is Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow chemical, the banking cartels, Exon Mobile, Bayer, Pfizer, Merck and the rest of the transnational corporate bodies and foundations run and controlled by the ruling elite who pay for your politician’s campaigns. Who blackmail and extort them with every nasty thing they can use against them that has been collected under the NSA spying apparatus, should they dare to betray their benefactors for their constituents or a growing conscious. This was exposed by the Church Committee in the 70s, and in many times and in many ways since. And it has only gotten worse with the advancement of technology.

The FTAs like the TPP, TPIP and  NAFTA etc., which are pushed through with bipartisan support knowing full well the devastation such treasonous acts will have against the American people, are not for the benefit of Americans but for their rulers. As is everything else they push together behind the grand theater that plays out in the media, providing cover and the illusion of choice. When they poison us and our children through the oligarchical food system, our water supplies, our land, our air and through forced medical interventions where we are forced to comply or lose our children or face jail time – that is not to benefit us. Nor is it for the claimed “greater good”, or the children that they use as props and shields. It is all a part of a strategy that benefits them. Our rulers who were once obfuscated by the shadows of secrecy but now sit in plain sight, yet unobserved by the masses.

We are being lied to and propagandized daily. Used and manipulated daily. Severely abused daily. Laughed at daily. As all is being taken from under our feet clear as day, by our users and abusers. A few powerful people who sit atop the hierarchy. We have no choice in political matters where it matters. Not in Food. Education. Medium of exchange. Medicine. National borders. Our privacy. Or the expanding global; social, economic and political system under which we are being reduced to our lowest common denominator as working units of labor. Just like honey bees being smoked into complacency and docility while their masters steal the fruits of their labor.

We are being tricked! Bamboozled! And all while grinning with self-righteous superiority and anger directed at the wrong people and places, due to the ease with which they are able to control us with simple triggers as we are inundated with their propaganda. Manipulated into political action to serve their interests. Including attacking those that stand against them. You would think Divide and Rule was too old too be effective yet here we are being divided, herded and lorded over by those that are using the age old, but highly effective strategy. We must eventually wake up once and for all or else we are doomed to a world in which the only progress is to be made by those that mean humanity the most harm. We only have ourselves to blame, for the darkest acts of inhumanity enacted by our rulers could not be made without our unwavering collective-submission to their authority. All they do they do because we allow them to do it. A heavy cross to bear.