The Oceans Secret For Lupus Pain


Whether you have been recently diagnosed with lupus or have been living with it for many years, learning to live with, what can be a very debilitating disease, is not an easy task. The ways in which this disease can physically and emotionally affect a person varies widely from patient to patient.
One thing that is consistent when coping with a chronic illness like lupus, is the undeniable toll that it takes on the mind and body.
The Visible Effects of Lupus and/or Ramifications from Treatment- The corticosteroids that are often prescribed to treat lupus can cause visible weight gain. You may also suffer from various rashes or ulcers, such as the Malar or Butterfly Rash, which is common in many lupus patients. Raynaud’s Syndrome can cause a change in skin color in the extremities. Visible symptoms of lupus can cause insecurity, self-esteem issues and depression.
Physical Symptoms Such as Pain, Fatigue- Learning to live with seemingly relentless chronic symptoms like pain and fatigue can absolutely take their toll on your state of mind, leading to frustration and even a feeling of hopelessness. Pain can also cause difficulties sleeping, which then creates the fatigue cycle that can make completing daily tasks challenging.


Directly From The Ocean
Omega-3 & Astaxanthin – Omega-3’s reduce inflammation, keep skin healthy and provide the essential fatty acids your joints and muscles need. Astaxanthin is touted as the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant with incredible inflammation powers. A weakened immune system makes it difficult for the body to digest these nutrients so it’s suggested to take them as naturally as possible.

Phytoplankton naturally produces both Omega-3 and Astaxanthin and when taking live is very easy to digest. Steer clear of too many terrestrial Omega-3’s, from Chia or Flax, as they are not as digestible as marine omega-3 – which is also a stronger natural inflammatory.


Jordan Markuson is the founder and CEO of Aqua Health Labs, a revolutionary concept in living marine supplementation.

Jordan Markuson
Jordan Markuson is the founder and CEO of Aqua Health Labs, a revolutionary concept in dietary supplementation. A former internet advertising executive with extensive Chicago real estate holdings, a love for the outdoors inspired him to leverage his commercial expertise for the greater good. Exploring natural options to support recovery from a serious skiing injury and pain management for fibromyalgia led him to extensively research the science of essential fatty acids. Now, this independent entrepreneurial conservationist is a passionate advocate for environmentally sustainable healthy living practices.

Jordan is a frequent content contributor to healthy living websites and publications, and is available for speaking engagements. Email [email protected] to learn more.