Nothing Sweeter: 6 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes To Try Now


The Autumn season is filled with the fresh, crisp air and cooling temperatures that turn leaves from vibrant to deep and rich shades of mahogany. We’re gearing up for the cooler days and darker nights, and before we know it the holiday season will sneak up on us as it usually does.

The holidays are notorious for weight gain, unhealthy eating, and the all too common “Thanksgiving/Christmas gut” that magically appears by the time the new year approaches. Americans average a 2 pound weight gain each year,  which is mostly contributed to the sweets and savories of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and every other holiday that’s centered around hearty, home style meals. Prevent the artery clogging, fatigue inducing diet of Fall and Winter by remixing classic recipes to cut the fat, calories, and sugar in a healthy way. Your friends and family never even know you’re eating something drastically healthier!

We’re featuring the warm colored sweet potato for this collection of healthy recipes for Fall, because it’s an iconic flavor found in many Autumnal and Winter time foods, as well as it’s healthy fiber and starch levels. Did you know that these orange spuds contain vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and copper?  These are just a few of the body loving vitamins and minerals packed in sweet potatoes!

Eat smart and eat well this season and cook up our top 6 drool-worthy healthy sweet potato recipes to try right now!

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Sweet Potato Soup
This rich soup made from sweet potato is sure to warm your belly without the fat and calories! Combine onions and garlic to caramelize and add fantastic, low calorie flavor before simmering tons of veggies in chicken broth (vegetarians, swap for vegetable stock!). Carrots, ginger, and red pepper add a punch of freshness and zing to your soup that compliments the sweetness of the potatoes perfectly.

Cilantro Lemon Sweet Potato Fries
Take finger food to the next level! Oven baked fries are crispy, salty, sweet, and fragrant from fresh cilantro leaves. Crushed garlic lends a beautiful aroma when these fries are grilling on the pan or in the oven!
Switch it up with cayenne pepper and lemon salt for some heat! Make your fries sweet by tossing cinnamon and sugar instead of cilantro and lemon zest!

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pancakes
This wheat free recipe is great for cold mornings and hungry guests! Adding sweet potato to a basic pancake recipe gives it incredible moistness and sweetness in flavor. Cinnamon and cloves combine to warm this recipe and give it a beautiful flavor. Cutting back on sugar? Use stevia in this recipe instead of sugar– you won’t miss it!

Banana Sweet Potato Muffins
Sounds like a dream and a calorie explosion, right? Think again! This lightened up muffin recipe uses sweet potato instead of additional oil to keep these muffins delicious and moist! Egg whites cut the cholesterol, and protein powder is sure to keep you feeling full!

Chunky Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Cookies
These notoriously delicious cookies will be the star at your next party because they taste devilish but are far from it! Chocolate chunks, because it’s necessary, coconut flakes, and protein powder combine to make a moist cookie with crispy edges. Talk about an indulgence! We won’t tell that they’re healthy.

Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes
Craving a salty and savory sweet potato escape? Try this basic recipe that utilizes the flavor in sweet spuds and the earthy flavors of rosemary to deliver a one of a kind holiday season appetizer! Serve at any Autumn event!

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