I do not have Trump in my blood!


It’s obvious now that he’s mad! He’s completely unhinged for his comments especially about Muslims. He’s no longer an entertainer but a disgracefully skillful demagogue who founds his comments on the premise that his followers are undereducated, angry and stuffed with Fox propaganda. I think he’s right about them…. (That’s what I said about Trump when I heard about him saying that we need to ban all Muslim immigration to US.)

I’ve really thought of Trump’s bid as a kind of amusing joke for too long. Seemed like the obnoxious, sometimes funny uncle that no one really takes seriously. I thought that to be the best way to counter him – but the numbers are holding, and it’s no longer funny. American exceptionalism has included a sense that we’re immune to history that a real leadership catastrophe with profoundly tragic consequences could somehow never happen here. But it’s happened sooner or later almost everywhere else, hasn’t it? I still think he’ll fail and fade out, but that such a large portion of our citizenry is so vulnerable to this sort of manipulation is really frightening.

I watched his speech specially the part that he talked about banning all Muslim immigration and I almost threw up! Here’s what a Trump is; Almost 90% of Donald Trump is style. He’s unnaturally confident. Reagan had this talent – appearing absolutely sure of himself all the time. People attracted to authorities like Trump because he’s ‘always right.’ The constant evocation of “Nobody Knows” works with the less educated because of fears they’re viewed as stupid or inferior – when Trump says “Nobody Knows” he means facts can be disregarded, the media is lying, science isn’t reliable, the government is deceiving us. He affirms their suspicions. The ‘birther’ campaign played into ‘I’m never wrong’ plus “Nobody Knows.” When Obama released his birth certificate, Trump just declared it a fraud. There’s nothing he can’t disregard. His way of speaking as many say these days is off the cuff, unscripted, and he appears loose and spontaneous which lends credence that he’s always perfectly candid, saying exactly what he feels – hence authenticity. He harks back to Reagan, who was attractive, funny, confident and ‘authentic.’ This confidence plus humor allows Trump to attack and smear people without consequence! Trump learned much of this from Reagan who was also a warm, affable, paternal demagogue.

But, what is he really racing for? “To make America great again”. Trump does not mirror anything but hate, intolerance, bigotry and lack of thinking. He represents no one i know of. He does not speak for me or the millions of Americans who believe in the Constitution and in democracy and in the decency of most people. He is a shame on the United States and should be repudiated by everyone. He represents no one I know. They are in a tiny minority. They are FAR from the majority of Americans. Trump’s support is very, very small. Americans are better than this.

From where I stand, Donald Trump should be held accountable for fear mongering. It’s despicable that he is allowed to spew lies and total bullshit and not be called on it. The media really needs to start pushing back. The one thing that really, really scares me about Trump is it seems that in his mind he totally believes the crap he says. That’s so not the person we need leading this country. I expect nothing less of Trump, all he is doing is exploiting the ignorance, intolerance and lack of education in his congregation, I think of him as a hate preacher that spews foulness out of his mouth that feed his followers. One fellow veteran and a friend of my father once said:

Growing up after World War Two, I remember endless debates about whether or not Americans could ever become Nazis, as the German people did. The overwhelming opinion was, ‘No, we couldn’t.” We were different. Now, with so many Americans backing Trump, it seems as if those who were so certain, “It couldn’t happen here,” were wrong.  Trump’s backing by so many is overwhelming proof, that “It” can happen here. And we already have the beginning of an American “Nazi,” party. Led by a Hitler with red-hair.

Finally, take a moment just to imagine if the Republican candidates had to pledge their support for the Republican nominee,  Donald Trump, in a move to put party ahead of their country, you can bet that you are witnessing an end to everything we stand for. A Trump as president, yet, is another proof why our political system is dysfunctional.

That’s it folks!


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John Turner
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