Not Growing Muscles? A Woman’s Guide To Improve Exercise Performance


These days women are very much obsessed in achieving a thin body. They spend a lot of time in the gym to improve exercise performance – sometimes sacrificing time for work, family and recreation. Yet when they exercise, results are not always fruitful. More often than not they don’t get the body they want. What are they doing wrong?

To Be Fit, You Have to Eat.

Eating less is probably the most common mistake gym women do. They want to have a fit body, but all they think about is how they can cut calories from their meal. Overtraining happens when a person exercises too much but doesn’t eat enough. This will lead to unhealthy weight loss that leads to serious health problems.

Eating Meals High on Protein and Carbohydrates – Most women stick to fad diets that consist of low-calorie meals which make you only hungry every hour. As a woman who trains, you should eat before and after workout. It is important to eat a full meal of carbohydrates and protein. Nourishing your muscles will help your body improve and get better on your next exercise.

Drinking Enough Fluids – Having enough water before and after your training session is probably the most important reminder you should follow. Your body needs to replenish the lost fluids and electrolytes when you train. Dehydration can cause dizziness, shriveled skin and exhaustion.

Get Some Sunshine, Take it Outdoors.

The gym might be the perfect climate controlled and predictable place for exercise. But science suggests that there are a lot of benefits in exercising outdoors. People who exercise outside have generally happier disposition and more committed to their exercise programs. You don’t have to be trapped inside your gym to get the best results.To help you get started here are great outdoor exercises to try.

Hill Sprints – burn a significant amount of calories by running up and down a hill. This exercise will help you flex your ankles more and put stress on muscles better than running on a treadmill.

Beach Exercise – Soaking up on the sun while playing volleyball or doing some squats will give you your much needed Vitamin D. Not to mention the general feeling of calmness and enthusiasm you get by working out on a natural environment.

Grow Your Muscles by Resting

Everyone who works out needs rest days. Studies show that muscles need a recovery period for it to grow. This is why getting a fit body cannot be done in a few days. If you want to look a certain way, you must do it in accordance to your body’s own metabolism. And the best way to perk up your body metabolism is to keep healthy by having proper rest.

Take Rest Days – After two consecutive days of training, the third day should be for rest day. You can limit your physical activity by taking casual walks but it is not extremely recommended to hit the gym.

Take Iron Supplements

According to recent studies in exercise performance, women who take iron supplements achieve better exercise efficiency than those who don’t. Since iron deficiency causes fatigue and lethargy, a boost in iron can significantly increase exercise performance and reduce inflammation caused by excessive training.


Armela Escalona
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