Non-toxic cleaning for your home tiles.


The home is that personal space we all love. We spend much time with our families at home. Amidst all the fun, the house ends up dirty. Stains of all kinds can be spotted on the walls, windows and floors of every room.


Even when your floor is tiled, these stains stick on these tiles bringing out an undesired color. Cleaning Stain removal requires the use of active cleaning agents. Most of the time, households purchase cleaning agents from stores.


However, these manufactured cleaning agents primarily contain chemicals considered hazardous not only to your health but also the environment. If not used correctly, they affect children and cause skin and eye irritations. Most of them are carcinogenic and volatile. When released into the atmosphere through evaporation and the drainage, they pollute without reserve.


Luckily for home owners, there’s an assortment of natural ingredients that can be used to clean kitchen tiles and any tiles wall around the house. They do not pose any risk to the human body or environment. Being natural ingredients, they are cheaper and easily found. Most of them are used in the kitchen on a daily basis.


These natural cleaning agents produce the desired results provided you adhere to the right procedures. It all starts with understanding tiles installed around your home. Tiles can be ceramic, wooden, stone or plastic. The ceramic tiles attract the worst stains and pose cleaning headaches than the rest. Below is a detailed list of practical and useful cleaning agents;


Olive oil– it’s an experienced polisher and cleaner especially for utensils such as pots and pans. When cleaning wooden surfaces, mix it with vinegar to better results. It also possesses lubricating qualities, therefore, suitable for long-term kitchen use.


Vinegar– The high level of acidity in vinegar makes it an excellent cleaning agent for rust, grease and soap scum removal. Bacteria and Fungus around your home cannot stand vinegar. Cleaning tiles with vinegar give you incredible results.


Baking and Club soda– Club Soda is well known for its window cleaning capabilities. Baking soda absorbs odors, deodorizes the environments and also kills germs and bacteria.


Baking soda should always be used when scouring kitchen tiles, countertops, bathroom sinks, and tubs. It also helps to unclog the drain and to preserve the carpets.


Lemons– Lemons have found a home in every kitchen. They make up for a magnificent bleaching agent as well as a deodorant with a very distinct scent. Lemon juice works on grease, stains, mold, rust, mildew.


Cleaning using lemon juice adds a sparkle to every surface making lemons a must have around your home.


Salt– it’s undoubtedly the most commonly used mineral in the house. It’s proved to be very useful as a cleaning agent especially when combined with other natural ingredients.


This compound can be used to clean ceramic tiles all over the house. A mixture of salt and club soda makes it easier to clean your fridge.


Even the stains on your curtains can be removed with the same solution. It leaves your rugs, curtains and carpets brighter. Salt by itself forms an excellent scouring agent.




These natural ingredients work well in together. Combine at least two when cleaning for better results. For instance, Salt combines with vinegar forming a good cleaning compound with a pleasing smell too.


A saltwater solution mixed with a bit of lemon juice works well on rust and mildew stains.



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