NLP Tips: Instant Stress Relief Technique


At some point in your life, things will get stressful. That doesn’t mean you’re living in anxiety or having panic attacks, just that sometimes your plate gets a little full and you begin to feel stressed out. Everyone has a different way of coping with these times, and methods some are definitely more healthy than others.

The overall goal is the same, which is to deter the mind from the situation at hand and allow it to cool down.

If you’re someone who feels that they struggle when times get tough, and need a new way to deal with it, there is a way to ease the stress with NLP techniques.

Try this out when you’re stresssed

Take your hand, and place it directly in front of your face. Now, project the image of your stressful situation onto your palm, as if you can plainly see it printed there. Visualize this for a few minutes, and allow yourself to feel the stress of the situation, while maintaining that the image is outside of your mind and physically on your hand.

Now simply tap the palm of your hand away from your face. Gently push it, until it is as far away from you as your arm will allow, and eventually out of your sight.

The act of physically pushing this stressful event or situation away from your mind’s-eye literally pushes the stress out of your conscious train of thought, paving the way for peace and serenity to set in when you need it to.

Why take the time to reduce stress?

An article titled “Stress and Health Research” published by Very Well says, “Recently, researchers from King’s College London examined data that show that self-reported stress is associated with increased all-cause mortality in the next 20 years–that stress is, in fact, statistically associated with a higher risk of death from various causes.”

Perhaps ensuring that when you need to “blow off some steam”, that you actually do, is the secret to a long and healthy life?

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