Our Nine Intelligences or Soul Sensibilities


Nine Intelligences or We Could Say Soul Sensibilities

Paul Wilmott, a well-known British mathematician or quant, wrote a blog post in April 2011 on a phenomenon with a strange acronym: HIQLEQ (pronounced hick-leck) or High IQ and Low EQ (emotional intelligence). His topic discussed the writings of Howard Gardner. In the 1980’s, Howard described eight types of intelligences: Spatial, Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Bodily kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic. When I mentioned this to one of my girlfriends, a respected educator, she was familiar with Howard’s work. We both felt that one intelligence type was missing: Spiritual.

Spiritual intelligence would encompass all of our intuitive and mystical awareness, near death experiences (NDE’s), our unexplainable hunches, and our inner visions: all cornerstones of our soul sensibility.

Nurture our Intelligences

All of our intelligences are nurtured when we’re in good company, and even more so when we are aware of our own growth potential. If we spend more time outdoors, we will nurture our environmental intelligence. If we practice reading maps (without turning the map) and visualizations, we will enhance our spatial skills. If we focus on listening, really listening, to a friend or colleague speak, we will definitely enhance our intrapersonal skills. If we dig deeply into experiencing our DNA, and our inherent spirituality that is prevalently available to us throughout our being, we will increase our spirituality.

But, the opposite is also true. If we bombard ourselves with a poor diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep habits, non-supportive company and lack of laughter or happiness. The good news is we have control over all these.

A High IQ and High EQ World

While so much of the world is spinning out of control as we witness the news and listen to Internet radio, it is comforting to know that we can take conscious steps every day to grow our innate intelligences. Instead of High IQ and Low EQ, why not be High IQ and High EQ?

Let’s live in a HIQHEQ world surrounded by the stimulating positive, and share gifts with each other in spatial skills, oral and written language, sensibility, physical agility and health, melody, self-actualization, a deeper bonding with nature and an expanded spirituality that embraces humanity in its infinity and eternity.

We may all add to the beauty of this vision and evolve it into a collective dream: it all starts with you… today!

🙂 Diane


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