Nine Good Reasons to Eat Orange Peels


Many people are shocked to find out that orange peel actually has four times more fiber than the fruit itself.  The peel also contains more cancer-fighting properties than what is inside.  So the next time you peel that orange, before you throw out the peel, reconsider.  Of course, it is important to purchase organic fruit to make sure that your orange has not been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to eat the peel:

1. Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals: Besides the 11 grams of fiber and gram and a half of protein that you will find in one orange peel, you will also find vitamins c and b as well as iron, magnesium, copper and zinc.

2. Cancer Prevention: As stated above, the peel has cancer-fighting properties. It contains flavonoids that work with the vitamin to slow down the growth of cancer cells.  Studies have shown that orange peel can actually reduce your risk of some types of skin cancers.  Additionally, studies show that those who consume orange peel regularly have less risk of being diagnosed lung cancer, as well (when compared to those who just eat the fruit inside).

3. Weight reduction: Orange peel may help to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat faster, increasing weight loss.

4. Lowers Cholesterol: Orange peel also contains properties which help to lower your bad cholesterol levels.

5. Improves the Immune System: You already know that the extra vitamin C in an orange can help you battle a cold, but the peel has antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system even more.  This helps you stave off germs and viruses, such as the cold virus and the flu virus.

6. Hangover Cure: There are not a lot of things that can really cure a hangover, but orange peel is one of them.  The morning after a hard night out, boil some orange peel and simple drink it like tea.  You should feel better in no time!

7. Improved Digestion: Orange peel can improve your digestion, too, because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  It can provide aid to those with heartburn, diarrhea and acidity. It can even help prevent constipation and help lower blood sugar levels.

8. Bronchitis: Drinking orange peel can help with the pain of bronchitis.  In fact, if you drink the tea often enough, you can heal the infection completely.

9. Halitosis: Orange peel is a wonderful cure for bad breath.  Simply chew a small piece to get rid of a bad taste or bad odor in your mouth any time.  It also helps fight cavities and keeps your breath fresh!

How to Eat an Orange Peel

Step 1: Wash your orange. For in case you get the chemicals and bacteria.

Step 2: Cut the orange into 4-6 slices, and remove the peel from each slice.

Step 3:  Grate the peels by a grater, zester or vegetable peeler. Now you can use the grater peel in your food:

  • Add it to your salad or desert
  • Bake it into a cake, cookies and pies
  • Steep it in a hot cup of tea, add ginger and honey for a better taste
  • Sneak it into a smoothie
  • simply chew on it between meals

Today you can even find chocolate covered orange peel in some specialty grocery stores or online.  It makes a great snack!

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