Why Your Night Time Joint Pain Gets Worse


Increased night time joint pain is more than just a cruel joke that nature plays on us, although it often feels that way. Your pain is keeping you awake and you have a full day ahead of you. The more you try to sleep the more frustrated you become. It’s going to be a hard morning. If only you could find a solution and get some sleep.

Part of the irony of your painful night is that it is often brought on by adrenal exhaustion. You are literally so tired that your body begins to break down, particularly in your joints. Adrenal exhaustion, however isn’t the same as doing a half day of yard work, it is exhaustion brought on by stress. And when you are stressed your adrenal glands release cortisol, leading to more insomnia. Your adrenal glands are also part of your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, leading to increased inflammation (and pain) in your already painful joints.

When chronic night time joint pain robs you of your sleep, it affects your mood and your brain’s ability to deal with pain. Hitting the sheets at night isn’t a welcome respite to your day but instead another chore you need to do well. It seems ridiculous to have performance anxiety when it comes to getting enough sleep but that’s exactly what happens when joint pain robs you of sleep’s regenerative potential.

Enough of the “why,” here is what you can do about that night time joint pain

The above is just a few pieces of the pain puzzle. However, if you think your situation is ironic, wait until you hear the solution.

Step one to reducing your joint pain at night is to get more quality sleep. (Thanks)

There are however, some steps you should right now to take to make this more possible.

If you are falling into the same uncomfortable bed that you failed to make this morning you are probably setting yourself up for another sleepless night. Make sure you have comfortable sheets and pillows. Also make sure your room is the right temperature. Find the right position to get your best sleep. For most people that would be sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back is usually not a good idea.

Sleep is also much more than being unconscious. Your various sleep cycles determine how rested you will feel in the morning. If you spend your entire night in stage 1 non-REM sleep, you will face the morning feeling like you just ran a marathon. You will be sore and still stressed. Experts all agree, 25% or more REM sleep per night is critical to reaping the benefits of restorative sleep.

Drugs aren’t the best answer

The problem with medicating your pain is that most drugs and especially alcohol affect your body’s ability to achieve REM. Yet the pain is keeping you from getting sleep in the first place. Medications can be very tempting, especially if the pain is severe but they don’t make a good long-term solution. That vicious circle at this point is becoming downright brutal unless you can find a solution.

In my practice, helping patients deal with night time joint pain and sleepless nights is one of the most important things I do. To put it mildly, I find that a pain-free restful sleep is one of the best medicines available. Helping my patients achieve this “Nirvana” without drugs makes all the difference in their lives.

There are actually many solutions to your pain and sleepless nights that don’t involve medications. Anti-inflammatory foods can give you the relief you never thought possible and still help you get a good night’s sleep. Many alternative treatments such as Chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, bio feedback, yoga, and even acupuncture can help your body deal with pain without negatively affecting your ability to get the sleep you need.

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Dr. Wade Davis
Dr. Wade Davis is a chiropractor based in Pocatello, Idaho. He has spent his life helping people reduce and relieve their pain. His interest lies in helping people get off dangerous prescription drugs and find natural, simple solutions for less pain and better health.

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