Newborn Baby Essentials that Every Mother Must Insist On


Once you have plunged into motherhood, there is no looking back and there is no place to hide. You can no longer afford to be selfish, nor can you carry on being the diva of the house because it is your child who will take on the mantle. Babies are born to be attention freaks and need your constant attention and care, and if you want to be a good and loving mom, you better give them what they need. Their wails are cues for you to understand that they are hungry, are feeling uncomfortable, and that they need you to change their diapers.

But despite these troubles, motherhood can be fun and an incredible experience no mother would want to trade for anything else in the world. And why should they when there are smart ways of dealing with most of these troubles. All you need to do is plan smartly and make the right choices. By planning I mean figuring out what your baby needs, especially in the first few weeks after its birth.

What are the actual basic baby needs?
Having a clear picture as to what items a newborn needs goes a long way in making the momentous occasion easy both for you and the baby. Besides, once you are secure in the belief that you have all the baby items ready at hand, you can glow in motherhood without any worries. Here is a list of items that tells you what you need to buy:

Layette and Clothing:
The range and diversity of baby clothes is getting bigger by the day; and they are also getting cuter. Items like socks and rompers and similar other soft outfits are a baby’s constant companion.Considering that we live in the online age, doing a little research to find out what is the best place to get baby clothes online is a good idea to save both money and time. These are items you can buy online.

• A few pairs of sleepers
• Half a dozen socks
• Sun or winter hats depending on the climate
• A fitting pair of swimsuits, if you go for swimming
• A proper going-home outfit

Bathing and baby care items
Since babies look cute, you may find your friends jostling among themselves to get a piece of your newborn.But keeping its amazingly delicate skin protected is an art. Like there may be decisions to be made whether you plan to bath the traditional way or use modern appliances. Here are some essential items.

• Disposable diapers ( newborns may need up to 10-12 diapers a day)
• Baby bathtub or insert for your regular tub
• Baby shampoo and body wash
• Baby lotion
• Hooded baby towels, or soft regular towels
• Baby washcloths, or soft regular washcloths
• Baby nail clippers
• Digital thermometer
• Infant acetaminophen drops
• Baby-specific sunscreen

Bedding and feeding
You need to take a lot of precaution while feeding, like what you can and need to feed the baby. And decide well in advance what suits you: breastfeeding or bottle-feeding? Since babies are too young to handle their own safety, the bedding you choose also has to be precise and there is no room for any mistakes.

• Nursing bra
• Breast pads
• Lanolin cream
• Freezer to store breast-milk
• Bottles and nipples
• Well-fitted sheets for the cradle or similar baby-beds
• 4-6 lightweight blankets
• At least a pair of climate-specific blankets
• Burp cloths
• 6-8 bottles for bottle feeding
• Breastfeeding pillow (for breastfeeding mothers)

Gear to keep the baby entertained
The easiest part is having a baby, but as you will soon find out tasks like tending to it and making it smile when it makes up its mind to keep crying is the difficult part. You will need a lot of interesting and innovative stuff to keep him engaged, entertained and smiling.

• Baby swing
• Pacifiers
• Bouncers
• Swaddling blanket
• Play mat or play gym
• Small plush toys or rattles
• Infant gas relief drops

Baby travel gear
When you are travelling outside,you will need a whole lot of stuff that apart from keeping the baby safe will also help you to introduce him/her in style to your friend circle. Safety gears are essential when travelling by car or on a motorbike as babies lack self-awareness and the ability to perceive risk.

• Car seat
• Travel System or Stroller
• Diaper bag
• Diaper and wipes case
• Portable play yard and customized baby seats
• Baby carrier
• Cribs, cradles, and bassinets

The items mentioned here very much covers all that you will need during the first few weeks of your child. Once you have them at hand, you will feel lighter and more in charge of your responsibilities as a mother. But if you want to pamper the baby and yourself some more, I don’t see any reason why you should hold yourself back. After all it is the fatness of your wallet that will do the taking…

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