New Year’s Resolution Solutions For Weight Loss


For many of you, January first was the day to start anew.  Losing weight is the most popular New Year’s Resolution.  For some, this has been a future plan because deep down they know a few pounds must come off.  For others, they get on the scale and get the shocks of their lives!

Yours truly was one of those people just mentioned.  I would get on the scale on January 1st and get a tremendous surprise – a huge reading on the scale!  My weight skyrocketed!  My initial reaction would be thoughts such as “No fair!”  and “How did this happen?”  I would play the victim at first, but reality quickly set in; I knew darn well how this occurred.  It started on Thanksgiving with three days of fattening leftovers to follow.  The Christmas season was next and the holiday parties started early and lasted through Christmas.  Over those weeks I attended several brunches, lunches, and dinners.  There were client parties, school parties, family gatherings, and friends’ dinners.  At every event there were lots of great foods too good to pass up.  Then came the holiday gifts, especially from clients.  Most of it was food:  homemade cookies, food towers, boxes of chocolate, candy canisters, and cakes galore!  Some I ate in front of those who gifted so I could show my gratitude.  Some were too tempting to pass up.  And let’s not forget those special cakes and pastries that we only see at Christmastime.  We just have to eat them because we will “forever” lose the chance…till next year.  Then the grand finale is the huge dinner on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the upcoming year.  All these “little things” amass to a huge weight gain.

Well, dust yourself off and look to the future.  Overdoing it happens and now there is time to change.  My specialty is overcoming healthy eating obstacles and giving advice to those in “tempting” situations.  For a sensible diet, see your doctor.  Even call and ask for a healthy eating plan.  The amount of calories and fat you need is different from what I need.  We all have various requirements, and for some, there are restrictions due to health conditions and allergies.  You need a healthy eating plan that is right for you!  Notice that I did not mention “diet.”  You need a “forever eating plan,” not a short term one because once you stop, the weight will pile back on and then some.  So stop the one day, two day, seven day, shake day, astronaut food eating plans.  Your patience will wane on these plans, believe me!

Avoid the elimination diets.  You mean to tell me I cannot have bread, pizza, and pasta for the rest of my life?  No way!  (Yes, yours truly eats pizza once in awhile, but one slice in one sitting, not five as I did in the past!)  Latch on to a reasonable eating plan and follow me to see how you should handle healthy eating obstacles!  I will be giving tips and tricks but there are many that you can have for more situations, at your fingertips, in my book Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous!

Lori Sweeney
Lori M. Sweeney is a scientist, professor, and tutor (BA, MBA) who has mastered weight loss by devising her own system to combat everyday obstacles that cause overeating. After losing 125 pounds, she has modeled for The Rachael Ray Show and has been called "The Biggest Winner" by Oxygen Magazine. Her story has appeared in both newspaper and internet articles.
Lori wants to be the "Dear Abby" of advice for obstacles that cause overeating. She wants to give confidence to those who were/are put down in their lives and want to grow a positive spirit. Lori is determined to show the world that weight loss can be done by an average person and that perseverance can be achieved, regardless of what naysayers say or do. Her book, Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous! shows struggles as a result of being overweight, and divulges tips/tricks on how to overcome healthy eating obstacles. So feel free to comment, ask a question. Lori wants to take the journey with you to help motivation increase while the weight decreases!