New label needed for organic food


National Organic Program (NOP), another paid off government organization. It seems that Deans Food can get away with labeling Horizon milk as organic, even though they do not adhere to organic industry standards. THIS IS ENTIRE UNACCEPTABLE! They are desecrating the organic label and the organic industry by having paid lobbyist buy influence with the NOP to not monitor their operations. I believe what we need (and by ‘we’ I mean everyone that is very vigilant about what they eat so as to avoid the poison that they government allows the American people to be systematically fed) is another label. One that goes above “Organic”, and perhaps even above “Non-GMO Project Verified”, that will stand for what ‘we’ want and need in our food supply. One that will identify for ‘us’ that the food we are buying is free from corporate greed, free from GMOs, free from chemicals and only grown organically, grown with “love” and respect, and food that vibrates with salubrity and consciousness. I will work on figuring out how to get this done. First step would be to get rid of the FDA and the NOP and the food lobbyists. Then to contact they REAL organic farmers and food producers and get them to implement such a small but significant (and easily visible) label on their packaging that lets ‘us’ know that what we are eating adheres to the standards that the “Organic” label was meant to stand for.