New Hope For Our Veterans-Natural Effective Treatments Without Drugs


Thank you to all our Veterans. For far too long– gratitude for service, understanding the depth of emotional wounds, and lack of timely, compassionate care for the physical—have plagued our VA system.

It’s time our Veterans become educated and empowered about new and highly effective treatments for wounds both visible, and deeply hidden.

Along with the election, came the legalization of marijuana in several states. Make no mistake—we have a long way to go. This is not “pot smoking” like so many believe it to be. This is Cannabis—one of the oldest, most effective medicinal plants—showing up in government PubMed published studies with the potential to help more than a hundred ailments. New treatments from an old favorite are showing promise for everything from cancer and Alzheimer’s—to depression, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, MS, and pain.
Herbalists and Naturopaths are rejoicing. Even allopathic physicians and caring responsible oncologists can no longer deny the science-based evidence. Why does cannabis work on so many seemingly different ailments? It has to do with the nervous system.
Endocannabinoids are a group of molecules that affect neurons and their specific receptors in the brain. They have been studied extensively and found to play a part in the way the body processes appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory.

Endocannabinoids are part of the ECS (endocannabinoid system) already within us. This system maintains normal cerebral and physiological function. Any type of neurodegenerative disease will be helped by taking in exocannabinoids in the proper form to correct deficiency due to genetic issues or lifestyle choices. Endo are in us but not in the plant–exo are in the plant and when we consume Cannabis (one of the oldest medicinal plants)–we fortify our inner ECS system for good or bad depending upon which cannabis compounds we consume. The terpenes for example, inhibit amyloid plaque (anti-Alzheimer’s). Some are potent hallucinogens. So cannabis can potentiate or diminish, and negatively or positively interact with the human ECS. Responsible scientists are cultivating cannabis for the betterment of mankind—while there will always be those who exploit the plant for personal gain. Patented drugs like Marisol manipulate the natural plant extract components, which then lose the ability to work with the body to restore function. Patented drugs have side effects (in this case possible seizures) that nature does not.

Another one of my favorite innovations from Jorg C. Gerlach of the McGown Inst. For Regenerative Medicine, is the Skin Gun. This allows severe burn patients to use their own skin stem cells to heal in merely days; helps avoid infection, and painful, grafting procedures. Healing the physical wounds in a timely and minimally painful way is important for beginning the process of inner emotional healing.

Companies utilizing 3D printers to make prosthetics that are both realistic looking and fully functioning should be available to all Veterans– along with the physical therapy to fully restore activities of daily living. Integrating back into a meaningful life purpose prevents isolation and depression.

Evox Therapy is another cutting edge treatment for healing the mind. Every physical ailment begins as a perception of an event filtered by the mind. You must address the emotional component to heal the physical. This is not accomplished with drugs. Drugs suppress this process, not heal it. Evox therapy is a perception reframing therapy using the frequency of your voice to release negative energy. Biofeedback allows patients to receive helpful frequencies based upon their targeted vocal recognition to unblock and release toxic stressors and reframe perceptions with healing positive energy. (Links in resources)

There is a privately funded, non-profit healing center in Bluemont, Virginia where natural healing therapies are successfully treating PTSD.  The “Warrior Path” program is 18 months long and teaches people how to leave the past behind and find a new center for personal growth. Natural effective therapies include things like hiking, fishing, culinary skills, bonfires, music, and even a Labyrinth. (Links below)

This Veteran’s Day, let’s honor our heroes by empowering them back from helplessness and despair to health beyond danger —body, mind, and Spirit.


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3D Printers

Evox Therapy

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