Why We Should NEVER Tell Doctors We Are Using Herbs


I put the title of this article into a Google search and guess what? You guessed it; all that came up was the exact opposite. (Why we should tell doctors) Apparently  I must be the first one to ever bring this up on the internet.

Almost everyone I talk to agrees we should never tell doctors but everyone in the “health business” is so worried about the CYA (Cover Your Ass) thing that they just “go with the flow” and tell you to tell your doctor when you are taking herbs. This has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. People really need to cowboy up, or at least be real and show a little backbone. I can’t believe we have been so brainwashed!

Telling a doctor you are taking herbs as your medicine is a lot like a mother cow telling a pack of wolves, “I will be stashing my calf in that clump of brush over there for a while so could you please watch him for me?”

For one thing, it is so very obvious that herbs and pharm/drugs don’t mix. (If they did mix you sure aren’t taking the right herbs) Of course they will have bad interactions! SO WHY WOULD YOU EVER TAKE BOTH DRUGS AND HERBS IN THE FIRST PLACE? Is it because you accept the lie that herbs aren’t real medicine? Is it because the disclaimers have convinced you that doctors really know best and you don’t know a thing? NO? Well what then?

If you truly know the value of natural medicine then the only reason you should ever see a doctor in the first place is for broken bones or other traumatic injuries. If you have flu, any sort of Infection, allergies, cancer, low sex drive, imbalanced hormones, you name it;  you are always best treated with the right herbs. They work better for anything and the best part is, they are safe. If you don’t realize that then you aren’t even ready for anything but the “Sheeple’s Doctor” anyway.

The biggest problem is that medical doctors are trained and brainwashed to fight natural medicine tooth and nail. If you are a real problem to them and want to fight them about it they can actually “make you go away” in ways that could never be traced back to them. I know that may sound a bit radical or ‘paranoid” but in my business of being a natural medicine provider you see this kind of thing all the time. It is getting to be almost like a real genuine war going on. Doctors are, with out a doubt, brainwashed to carry out the genocidal plan of agenda 21 without even knowing it.

If you would like to get a true hard look at all this from a good honest Christian perspective please get a copy of my book, “His Hand Has Provided”


Chris Gussa
Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( www.plantcures.com ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise.

Plant Cures Incorporated is here for those who keep their bodies running on what God has provided and for those who do not trust the Pharma/Medical system due to bad experiences or due to just good common sense!

Chris is also an Arizona Cattle Rancher raising grass-fed organically grown black Saler cattle. His small herd is well known for their prolific and gentle black polled Saler bulls.

Chris wrote the best selling book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” – “A Christian Cowboys Guide To Nutrition And Natural Healing With Herbs” It is available at www.plantcures.com as well as all major book stores.