Negative Ions Are Your Friends


Let’s talk about ions. What’s an ion, you might ask. Or, perhaps more importantly, why do I need to know about ions?

Atoms are made up of electrons, protons,and neutrons. When atoms are joined together, they make a molecule, and an ion is a molecule of oxygen that has a different numbers of electrons and protons. If the proton count is higher, it’s positively charged, a cation. If there are more electrons than protons, it’s negatively-charged, a negative ion, an anion.

Now stop yawning! I’m going somewhere with this!

Positive ions do you dirt. They can turn you into a cranky, moody insomniac–whilst whacking your endocrine system into big trouble. Since the endocrine system controls your health, this is not good.

Negative ions, on the other hand, wear the white hats of heroes.

So, ions affect your health. Positive ions are hard on your health; negative ions bless your health.

Electricity provides a bonanza ‘o positive ions. Air conditioning, central heating, computers, fluorescent lights, cell phones, smart meters, etc. add to the load. Positive ions rule in most homes and offices, which explains all the fatigue, headaches and less-than-clear thinking.

Negative ions come from waterfalls, the beach–wherever water moves. The crisp air that follows a thunderstorm offers a lot of negative ions. Other than that, you have to “take steps” to get negative ions; they don’t just march in and take over like positive ions do.

Why should you bother with something you can’t see and probably never heard about? Because negative ions are your friends.

What do negative ions do for you?
•    Clean up indoor pollution–dust, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, etc. Studies say negative ions get rid of 52% of dust, 95% of bacteria, and 40% viruses. No statistics on mold spores, but negative ions sure help my mold allergy.

•    Improve breathing for those with respiratory problem such as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, allergies, even smokers. Our bodies have air cleaners, called cilia, that clean up pollutants before they can get to our lungs, but respiratory problems can put cilia out of business, and you end up swamping your lungs with allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. Negative ions restore the cilia back to  working order so they can do their job. The more negative ions, the better the results.

•    Strengthen your immune system, adrenals and thyroid. We have no studies about the impact on other endocrine glands, but since what affects one gland affects all the others, I’m sure they get help, too. Especially since negative ions are proved to make life better for all our cells.

•    Regulate serotonin. Whacked serotonin levels cause depression, sleeplessness and nightmares; medicines don’t help. Whether your serotonin’s too high or too low, negative ions get it back to where it needs to be–with no side effects.

•    Reduce fatigue and improve mental clarity and performance.

•    Etc, etc., etc. Research continues, and so far, it’s all good.

See what I mean about negative ions being heroes? Even though nobody knows how they do what they do?

Does this mean that negative ions are the answer to everything? Well, no. Life goes better when negative ions are on the scene, but maximum results require good nutrition that’s customized to what your body needs. (Which is what I write about in my Moving To Health program.)

One last benefit: If you have high blood pressure, negative ions can lower it.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell


About the author: Bette Dowdell defines determination. In a really deep health ditch, with doctors who didn’t help, she got her Oh-Yeah! attitude in gear and researched her way out. She never intended to be a health expert, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. You can subscribe to Bette’s free e-mails about health problems at

Bette Dowdell
A drunk driver pretty much destroyed my health a month before my first birthday. Doctors said I was fine--for years. Finally realizing my health was up to me, I started researching. I got out the health ditch I was in, and found my future: Giving people the information they need to understand how to take control of their own health. It's been an amazing journey, and I look forward to all that is yet to come.