Need help with appetite control? Try this highly effective spice & mineral combo


Who doesn’t need a little help in the Appetite Department after the holidays? After all, the nearly involuntary splurging on high fat, sugary, savory indulgences that are inevitably plentiful during this time, cause our appetites go into overdrive. And it’s really, really tough to go back to “normal” eating for so many of us after this time period.

Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I’ve compared stories with multiple people who share the same experience so I’m pretty sure this is a common theme after the holidays. So let’s talk about two powerful supplements that together, can help you keep your appetite at bay and really help you get back on the right track so you don’t keep going down the path of overeating.

In my experience, these two combined are the most effective way to help reduce food intake when you go through periods, like after the holidays, where you feel you’re constantly hungry. The best part is, they are not stimulants, so you won’t get those strange jitters and crashes that come with those types of appetite suppressants.


Chromium is a mineral that the body requires in small amounts, and is especially important for its role in the metabolism of glucose (sugars). Several studies have shown it to have significant impact on blood sugar regulation, since it improves insulin sensitivity by playing an active role in how insulin binds to receptors which then transport it throughout the body.

In addition to chromium’s role in the metabolism of sugars (ie glucose level control), it is also an important element for the metabolism of protein, carbs and fats, making it all that much more valuable for dieting and weight loss purposes. Foods that contain highest detectable levels of the chromium mineral are broccoli, onions, meat, and whole grains. The highest natural levels of this mineral can be found in brewers yeast. The most popular supplement form for appetite and blood sugar regulation is chromium picolinate.

One study showed that our chromium levels naturally decrease significantly as we age, making proper diet and/or supplementation more important as we get older. It strongly suggests that this gradual reduction in chromium serum levels has a large role in the increased occurrence of diabetes and poor or inconsistent glucose control as so many of us get older. It also suggests that this is a part of the reason we may tend to put on weight as we age, even if our diets have not changed significantly, since chromium plays an important role in not only glucose metabolism, but in the metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates.

In addition to helping control the metabolism of blood sugar, which in turn helps switch off the body’s appetite signals until the body truly needs food again, chromium has been found to be useful for helping with depression and anxiety. This is likely a function of the inevitably intertwined roles of blood sugar, food metabolism, and the complex chain of events this sets off in the brain and our endocrine system which ultimately dictates the mood we feel.

Chromium has not only been studied as a standalone remedy for helping treat and help prevent diabetes, but studies have also combined chromium with another increasingly popular supplement more well known for its effects on hair growth – biotin. That’s because biotin is another important element in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism.

The study looked at the combination of biotin and chromium as a complementary therapy for overweight patients with type 2 diabetes. The results suggested improvement in glycemic control when it was combined with the patient’s diabetes medication. However, biotin is not the second supplement we’re referring to for that perfect appetite-controlling combo. It’s a common American spice : cinnamon.


Cinnamon is a semi-hot spice that has been long-treasured for its inclusion in mostly sweet dishes in the American culture. It has a flavor that is palatable to most tastes, is easy to grow, and costs relatively little to buy. This spice is so much a part of the American culture that you can find it in everything from chewing gum and candy to candles and scent sprays for the home.

Cinnamon also happens to have been studied and debated as a potential blood sugar regulator now for many years now. One study showed that patients with type 2 diabetes were given varying doses (1, 3 or 6 grams) of cinnamon for 40 days. The results were undeniably clear that the cinnamon had an overall beneficial effect when it comes to blood glucose levels.

The results clearly demonstrated that all doses reduced not only their serum levels of glucose, but also their LDL cholesterol levels, and total cholesterol. This strongly suggests that those with diabetes would benefit from using cinnamon as a secondary therapy for controlling their diabetes and the ill side effects often suffered such as cardiovascular disease.

In addition to being a known blood sugar regulating remedy and adjuvant natural therapy for those with problems regulating blood sugar and those with diabetes, cinnamon is also known to be a powerful anti-bacterial agent in its extracted or essential oil form. So cinnamon is quite a multipurpose spice!

Since these two supplements together offer two powerful ways to effectively control blood sugar spikes and plunges, they play the dual role of also controlling the appetite, since our blood sugar levels often dictate our hunger level. These two supplements are often combined into one now because so many people have found the combination to be effective. Supplement makers offer smaller doses, which usually need to be taken a few times a day as indicated, or larger doses that are meant to last for longer periods of time per the labeling indications.

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