Navigating Between the Hot Spots


It’s a perfect day in NYC. Mothers stroll by stores with their children in hand. But today, as a visitor back in my home town, I find something amiss. Wi-fi stations are popping up where old telephone booths once were. It seems Smart Phones and the Apple Watch are no longer sufficient enough to keep busy city goers on top of their game. Wi-fi internet services are offered in homes, businesses, cars, coffee shops and some restaurants, and now on the sidewalks of NYC, where the old phone booths use to be. These hot spots haven’t been studied for safety yet.

The human body is a conductor of electricity.

From atoms to organs, the human body depends upon its electrical systems to sustain life. We are frequency in motion. Our nervous system is a ‘hard-wired’ network designed to carry sensory information and instructions, also in the form of electrical pulses. Research from the University of Basel, published in the science journal Nature, has shown that human DNA can transport electrical current. Every cell in our body has a positive and negative electrical charge. The human body vibrates in several patterns caused by the cellular process we call life.

The computer age has graduated to cover NYC and with this can increase our risk for disease, no matter where we go. This is because exposures from these frequencies are found to cause wear and tear issues in our body and brain.  They actually penetrate our brains and can cause disconnection disorders. By this I mean, wear and tear issues can affect our pineal gland. “The Pineal Gland is a magneto-sensitive organ and what that means is, it’s sensitive to electromagnetic fields.”(1) What disrupts this gland are exposures to Wi-Fi, EMF’s, computer monitors, microwave ovens to high voltage lines and more. “Electromagnetic fields affect brain waves and suppress the activity of the Pineal Gland and reduce melatonin production(2) resulting in insomnia.”(3) In addition, Wi-fi and EMF’s have the ability to cause neurobehavioral disorders.(4)

Science has proven that mind, body, spirit and emotions constantly interact, and when sickness is in any one of these areas, the other is affected.(5) Research has also proven a change in memory performance over one year was negatively associated with cumulative duration of wireless phone use.(6)

Should we be concerned with Wi-Fi networks existing in the vicinity of all our living places? The answer is a big YES.(7)   The New York population is about eight and a half million and there are confirmed potential health risk with the use of Wi-fi just in the work place alone. Exposure on the streets of NYC we can expect increased harm to our central nervous system. Additional research explains wireless technologies increases the risk of infertility, by impacting human sperm count.(8) Living in the vicinity of these Wi-fi booths you may experience more than just disruption of hormones.(9) Professor Olle Johansson is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. He states, we should not put living cells and Wi-fi’s together.(10)

In todays world, more women than men suffer from stress related issues which can lead to autoimmunity issues. So the necessary question to ask is, do Wi-fi’s increase stress? The answer is YES, and it’s a health concern for women and children. The most vulnerable for frequency damage are infants in utero through their mid-teens, when these frequencies cause myelin sheath damage that may lead to Multiple Sclerosis.(11)

According to Fritz Frederick Smith, “the body compensates for energetic or vibratory loss.” “When there is energetic deficiency, the body attempts to limit further loss by reducing its function.” A deficiency can lead us down the road to ill health and many disorders that have an interrelationship with low frequency. These include depression, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, heart disease, and cancer.

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies EMF’s as ‘possible human carcinogens’.(12) Cancer can manifest by a bombardment of frequencies.

The question to ask is, are we becoming a Wireless Nation for Profit, negating all health risk? “Each wireless booth hotspot covers about a 150-foot radius with what’s pledged as one-gigabit-per-second service, about 20 times the speed of average home Internet service”.(13)

The ramifications of exposure to wireless Wi-fi booths can bring with them several unforeseen side-effects for men, women and children. In the long run it may be costing YOU a shorter lifespan by increasing your risk for cancer and other disorders.

The facts are in, human disease results from exposure to Wi-fi and EMF’s.(14)  You can’t deny it, but few people are listening.


Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master and Published Author of Path to a Healthy Mind & Body. Owner of


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Connie Rogers
Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Certified Skin Health Educator for 40 years, Expert in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses for endocrine, metabolic, and skin health.

Connie believes health and wellness are established with proper nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Connie takes a natural and holistic, common sense approach to rebuilding well-being from the ground up. As she works with each client, together they open a door that empowers them to rewrite their life, one bite size step at a time!