Natural Weight Gaining Remedies


Natural Weight Gaining Remedies

For some people gaining weight is one of their hardest achievements.  They’re not lucky by any means, maybe they need the weight gain for health or career purposes and due to their high metabolisms and ectomorph body type they cannot put it on.  For these individuals many cheat routes are taken.  Either through constant ‘fast food’ or various dietary and weight gaining supplements.  These cheat routes however can become costly and may not work as advertised by many misleading marketing campaigns.  Most over the counter supplements are also considered to be in a dietary category and therefore do not all have to undergo FDA testing.  This makes for a lot of startup companies that promise great results by using professional fitness models as users of their product.


Weight gain is a task that can be met and for many will come with age naturally.  However, if weight gain is the end goal with natural weight gaining remedies the weight can be put on and kept on.


Supplements VS Substitutes

One of the biggest key factors to natural weight gaining remedies is to not depend on supplements.  This is because for many these “supplements” become “substitutes”.   This means that soon protein shakes become meal replacements when realistically the human body needs more substance to absorb protein from as opposed to in liquid form.  This is one way supplement companies make their money.  Return customers.  Food is substance and the more protein based foods the body consumes the more time the body has to absorb and use this protein.  The same for various vitamins and carbohydrates.


Drop substitutes, or “supplements”, and use the funds saved to invest in important meats and vegetables that benefit the body more.  Dedicate these saved funds to making meals easier to prepare and to have on hand without all of the hassle from the messes caused by mixing and preparing supplements.


Increasing Meals

As often as supplements are consumed should be how small meals are consumed if not more.  For example, if you were under the impression that two protein shakes a day would help you gain weight, instead consume four small meals.  Small meals that range in just a few grams of carbohydrates and protein.  This could be two scrambled eggs on some toast just to name one.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anything.  As long as it is in the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and protein that the body can consume for those couple of hours a small meal can be anything, the point is frequency.


Increasing meals throughout the day is one of the keys to natural weight gaining remedies.  Again, not large meals.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a given but two additional meals in between and even downsizing breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to consume these meals.  The more frequent the body eats the sooner the body will adjust to consistent consumption helping to gain weight.  This factor will also go hand in hand with how many calories you burn throughout the day.  If you burn more calories than you can consume with foods focused in protein and carbohydrates than gaining weight will not happen.  Measure how many calories you burn throughout the day and begin consuming this number and multitudes of two and four and so on.


Focus Foods

Focus foods is such an important key factor to natural weight gaining remedies that many individuals do not pay attention to.  As mentioned before, many individuals resort to fast food in order to gain weight.  This food is not healthy for the body and not the required clean protein or carbohydrates the body needs in order to stay active.  The long term affects of depending on fast food is more drastic than most realize.  Instead focus foods consist of store bought foods, foods prepared from home and even (if you’re into it) hunting and preparing your own food.  Many combinations of vegetables provide enough protein to consist of a proper weight gaining meal without any meat.  So gardening comes to many of those who are looking for natural weight gaining remedies as well.


All fruits, vegetables and meats can be researched in order find out what vitamins, carbohydrates and protein are provided in how many grams for each serving size.  Do the math and calculate how many calories you burn through work, school, kids and life in general than begin your multitudes.  Be smart; do not rely on advertisements with cheesy marketing campaigns claiming the latest results from professionals who spend every day in the gym with the same budget as you.  Focus on your focus foods; consume two if not four than even six times your calorie burn amount and stay healthy.  Natural weight gaining remedies are possible.



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