Natural Treatments of Spinal Arthritis


When the cartilages situated between the facet joints in the spinal cord have a breakdown, discomfort arises around the site, and such condition is called Spinal arthritis. It leads to the development of bone spurs causing calcium deposits in the area. Further injury on the spine through recreational activities can cause further damage to the spine.

It has proven by the experts that the typical symptoms and pain of spinal arthritis can be effectively eased through natural, herbal, home and homeopathic remedies.

Spinal Arthritis can further lead to neck and back chronic ache. However, this can reduced to the minimum through Herbal remedies.

Get linseed oil and heat it. Dip a cloth in the oil. Now place the wet cloth over the painful joints. Place a plastic over it and use heating pad to the area. You’ll be able to feel the release of pain in just a few minutes.

An alternative to find instant relief is using hot and cold compressors on the painful areas.

One can also apply Dimethylsulfoxide over the painful sites.

You can opt to take bath in Arnica and chamomile herbs.

Similarly, you can apply a flax seed hot oil pack over the painful joints and muscles.

Add a teaspoon of rose hip and horsetail tea herbs into a cup of boiling water. Heat the mixture for ten minutes, strain and drink a cup thrice every day.

The pain can also be lessened using easy and convenient home remedies.

Drink 500 to 1000mg of turmeric mixed with water thrice everyday in the morning in empty stomach for six weeks.

Bog bean have been proven essential in reducing inflammation arising from the condition.

You may want to try drinking half teaspoon of ginger with hot water to reduce the intensity of the stiffness.

Heard of alfalfa tea? Well the long tea leaves can be drank twice daily to combat the pain.

A cup of papaya seed tea can help reduce joint pain.

Joint swellings can be eased by consuming porridge mixed with two teaspoons of winter cherry and molasses in empty stomach for two weeks.

You can opt to drink a tablespoon of cod liver oil with orange juice at night to get relief from aching joints.

Food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as salmons, sardines, nuts should be eaten to reduce inflammations at joints.

Plus, additionally you must take care of your diet and eating patterns that come favorable in reducing weight and bringing chronic pain under control eventually.

Of the many natural treatments, the most effective is an active exercise program. Being actively involved in day to day activities, with regular exercises such as stretching of the hip muscles, back joints and hamstring helps maintain the motion of the spine. However, please remember to take adequate rest in between to stabilize the wear and tear of muscles.

Yoga and Pilates have been proven equally beneficial.

Before you start on the above mentioned tips, it’s mandatory you seek specialist advice.

Wish you the best of health!



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