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Nowadays at the first sign of toothache or tooth pain a dentist is sought out. How did our great-great-grandparents and our ancestors deal with tooth pain without the help of professionally trained dentists? Simple, they used natural and organic remedies. Such remedies have long existed and have been long used and practiced amongst all cultures prior to the popularization of western medicine. Such remedies are even practiced today in many parts throughout the world as well as among new-age spiritualists and herbalists in North America.

Water and Non-Iodized Salt or Whiskey
The first remedy for toothaches and tooth pain is a mixture of water and non-iodized salt. Usually only one to two tablespoons is necessary for every half cup of water. Simply mix the non-iodized salt into a glass of water and stir thoroughly. Once dissolved swish and spit repeatedly. The non-iodized salt works to prevent infection around the area of the tooth. Repeat this step three to five times daily for at least a few days. Another remedy that can be used as an alternative or in conjunction to the water and non-iodized salt remedy is the whiskey remedy. Simply swish and spit a small amount of whiskey as to help prevent additional infection around the tooth and to provide numbing relief from pain.

When toothaches and tooth pain occur it is usually really uncomfortable to eat solid foods. Fortunately however there are some foods that can be easily consumed that will cause no discomfort to teeth and will also provide beneficial bacteria. One such food is yogurt. Believe it or not yogurt is consistent with beneficial bacteria that work to ward off bacteria that may cause infection. No numbing solution is provided from yogurt however, it is easy on the teeth and safe to consume when teeth are in pain.

Peppermint Leaves
Peppermint leaves are one of the oldest remedies that provide comfort from toothache and tooth pain. All that is needed is a small amount of peppermint leaves. Simply take a small amount of peppermint leaves and directly apply them to the tooth experiencing pain and discomfort. Chew on the peppermint leaves for three to five minutes twice daily. The peppermint leaves will act as a medicinal herb as they are consistent with anti-inflammatory properties.

Clove and Vanilla Extract
Clove and vanilla extract are both a great way to providing pain relief and a numbing sensation to the tooth or teeth that are experiencing pain and discomfort. However, only a very small quantity of clove or vanilla extract should be used as too much is capable of causing permanent nerve damage. Simply take a small amount of clove or vanilla extract and apply to a Q-Tip. Apply the Q-Tip directly to the tooth or teeth. Allow the extract to wipe over the tooth and gums as to provide the most relief.

As always if pain worsens immediately seek professional medical attention. However, if any of the age-old natural and organic remedies work share this information with friends and family that may be in need of such news.



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