Natural Solutions To Get Rid of Skin Wrinkles


A lot of women suffer from the appearance of wrinkles and white lines at an early age, hence premature skin care is important to protect the skin from the risk of premature wrinkles that appear at a young age, and there are a lot of factors and causes that lead to this problem.

Here are some natural solutions to get rid of skin wrinkles and white lines that appear on the face, neck, forearms and hands.

What causes premature wrinkles?

In fact, there are an infinite number of causes associated with wrinkles, including failure to follow a healthy diet and lack of water consumption, too much sun exposure, lack of vitamin E, constant fatigue, stress and pregnancy. Taking an adequate sleep each day is considered a strong factor in the fight against wrinkles as well as moisturizing and hydration.

Natural solutions to get rid of skin wrinkles:


Lots of testing and research proved that massaging helps to fight wrinkles that appear at an early age, and experts advised to massage the skin thinly during a face wash with pressure on the pouting areas between the eyebrows and on the forehead to increase the sense of activity and strengthen the muscles of the face.

You can also use the index finger and thumbs to massage wrinkles that appear around the eyes to increase blood circulation activity in that region. Use cotton wetted by rose water to massage the skin furthermore and stimulate blood circulation. Afterward, you can apply skin moisturizing creams before using any cosmetics or make-up.


It is necessary to ensure a healthy diet which contains a lot of useful elements for the body and the skin and to avoid foods that contain a high percentage of fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a high concentration of vitamin C, fiber, proteins, vitamins and

give up foods that contain a high percentage of fat and fat to protect the skin from the effects of aging and wrinkles advised to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a high concentration of vitamin C and high in fiber the proteins, vitamins, beta-carotene, iron and zinc, because all of these elements work on the renewal of skin cells and repair damaged ones.

Drinking water

Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day besides other fluids. Avoid soft drinks, canned juices, and make sure you eat fish at least twice a week because fish contains all kinds of fatty acids known for multiple benefits especially omega-3 for the skin, and that acts as an antioxidant and has a strong role in delaying the appearance of wrinkles on the skin (particularly tuna and salmon fish).

Avoid sun exposure

Despite the fact that sun exposure is the main source of vitamin D for the skin, but overexposure to the sun causes sunburn and wrinkles, leading to a break of collagens beneath the skin causing wrinkles to appear on the skin, especially in the mouth, eyes, and forehead area.


That’s it,

What are some other natural solutions to treat skin wrinkles?

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