Natural Remedies For Mango Allergic Reaction


Mango is also known as “The King of the Fruits”, it has a variety of nutrients and famous for its ripe and delicious pulp that can be eaten raw.

Great Health Benefits of Mango

Mango has astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-syphyllic, anti-parasitic, diaphoretic, vermifuge, hypotensive, cardiotonic, slightly laxative and diuretic properties. It stimulates appetite as well.

Studies are being conducted to show that mango can aid in reducing body fat. In addition, mango helps normalize insulin levels in the blood. Thus, it can be valuable in controlling blood sugar. It is also useful in reducing cholesterol (LDL).

Combination of mango and milk relieves acidity. Regularly consuming mango followed by milk facilitates in gaining weight naturally.

You can have mango milkshake, too. Another benefit of mango (green mango) is that it reduces excessive body heat.

Besides, this fruit serves a wonderful home remedy for healing skin problems because it contains retinol. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, thereby aiding in self-repair of the skin.

Furthermore, mango stem bark extracts can be used in the natural treatment of herpes. These aqueous extracts help relieve arthritis pain as well.

Other therapeutic benefits of mango include curing constipation, relieving digestive disorders, exterminating intestinal worms, reducing fever, treating anemia, healing menstrual problems, and eliminating toxins from the body.

In terms of nutrition, mango is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.

Despite so many benefits of eating mango, few people are known to suffer from mango allergy symptoms. The reason for its allergy is due to the content urushiol.

It is an irritant and oily substance present in the sap of the mango fruit. To a lesser extent it is also present in mango peel. Mango allergy commonly occurs on the skin area around the mouth, which gives severe itching and burning with swelling of lips. Though mango allergy reaction can occur in few individuals, it is the most nutritious and healthy fruit which contains immense health benefits.

The allergic reaction to mango can be soon after eating a mango or coming in contact with the sap of the fruit containing urushiol.

At times the reaction takes 12 to 24 hours to appear after an individual is exposed.

Some of the symptoms of mango allergy include:

•Itching around the mouth and on the lips.
•Swelling of lips and tongue.
•Small blisters appear around the mouth.
•The skin becomes red and inflamed around the mouth.
•Burning and tingling sensation on the tongue.
•Dry eye.
•Throat irritation

Systemic allergy symptoms may include
•Pain in the abdomen.
•Difficulty in breathing.
•Anaphylaxis is very rare; the protein content in the fruit can also cause the allergic reaction. In case of anaphylaxis reaction immediate treatment is necessary.

Natural Remedies For Mango Allergic Reaction

One of the best and safe remedy to prevent mango allergy, is to wash the area of your body with soap and water which has come in contact with mango sap. It will wash off urushiol, the allergic material from the area which has come in its contact. To get the result you have to act promptly to clean the area no sooner it has touched your skin.

Another thing to be remembered for the patient who is allergic to mango or other fruits having urushiol is avoid touching the fruit or its skin.

To get relief from mango allergy around the mouth, you can apply honey. You can also drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of honey dissolved in it. Honey is known for its anti inflammatory properties and it will soothe the allergic symptoms.

The herb nettle counteracts histamine produced as a result of mango allergy. It can be used as a mango allergy remedy.

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