Natural Remedies for Insomnia


What is insomnia? Insomnia is the inability to sleep either regularly such as naps or at night when necessary. Where does insomnia derive from? The honest answer is reasons for insomnia can vary. For some people they may suffer from insomnia due to daily stressors such as their job, tasks, and amount of responsibilities they may have. For others it could be due to a chemical imbalance such as anxiety, depression, or even deeply rooted stress.

Regardless, insomnia is a condition that many people suffer from for many different reasons. When insomnia is experienced it can be both mentally and physically exhausting as the much needed rest that is required each day for the human body to function properly is not obtained. For many, prescription drugs are the first solution that is thought of to rid insomnia however, prescription drugs can create a dependency that will eventually need to be sustained and may cause side effects.

Fortunately there are several different natural remedies that may help individuals alleviate their insomnia. Natural remedies are a great first choice to try before prescription drugs as they will not harm the body or force the body to experience unwanted side effects. Natural remedies for insomnia range from physical exercise routines to drinking and even bathing with various organic supplements and herbs.

Change of Diet
Eating healthy is the first natural remedy to reducing and ultimately ridding yourself entirely of insomnia. Processed foods as well as packaged foods are loaded with carbohydrates, trans fats and sugars and can cause mid-day drowsiness when consumed regularly. The same rule of thumb also applies to an over excessive amount of coffee throughout the day as well as other caffeinated drinks and even energy drinks. By eating healthy, such as consuming raw produce, eating a balanced meal three to five times daily, and consuming water, the body will begin a consistent routine and will reserve energy for the day and gradual rest for the night.

Physical Exercise
Physical exercise is also an important remedy to reducing and ridding insomnia altogether. However, due to some peoples occupations physical exercise may be hard to obtain. This is because most 21st century jobs demand an eight hour day of either sitting or standing in primarily one place. If this sort of occupation applies to you than try to make time for basic stretching routines and exercise routines for in the morning prior to the beginning of the day and for at night towards the end of the day. Physical exercise; yoga, stretching, and light weight lifting will help the body to burn additional energy that may be stored as well as increase adrenaline and help regulate blood flow.

Herbs and Supplements
Various herbs and supplements also help to reduce insomnia and can be used by themselves or in collusion with a healthy diet and physical exercise. Some herbs for example that may help an individual become drowsy and drift to sleep are chamomile, kava kava, passionflower, and lavender. If using lavender be sure to purchase lavender essential oil and place one to two drops in a hot bath in order to increase drowsiness through aromatherapy. If the herbs do not provide the relaxation sought after than an over the counter organic supply of melatonin will also help with increasing drowsiness. However, in order for melatonin to work efficiently lights and sounds from radios, laptops, and televisions must be turned off as this will prevent melatonin from taking full effect.



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