Natural Pet Care: Holistic Remedies Aren’t Just for People Anymore


The field of holistic medicine has increasingly grown in the United States and around the world. Even further there are healthcare providers that provide these cares for pets. Acupuncture and chiropractic care is no longer just a practice available to human beings.

Injured pets can get all manner of therapies to bring them back to their feet. While these treatments have been around for thousands of years for man, they are now customized for cats and dogs with incredible r responses and recovery.

Pets just like human beings do not have the same reaction to treatment. The mainstream medical treatment does not always lead them to restored health. You also have to factor in that most pet insurance plans do not cover dogs in the 10-14 years range, which sadly is the most fragile and vulnerable ages for most dogs age wise.

Even for normal pets most coverage’s don’t include pre-existing conditions and some do not cover a lot of the ailments and diseases common to pets. The limiting nature of pet insurance means alternative therapy is an exciting and inviting option for pet owners.

Remember alternative therapies have to be conducted under the supervision and most often the recommendation of a certified health officer who is a licensed vet approved and acknowledged by your insurance firms.

When it comes to pets insurance, holistic covers care for expensive recovery procedures such as IVDD, foreign body removal, cancer therapy and cruciate ligaments.

A number of pet insurance providers like Healthy Paws include one or more of these holistic treatments when necessary and mostly when it costs far less than the mainstreams medical treatments.

Pets are very intelligent and capable of feeling and most holistic treatments incorporate an overall care that factors in the feelings of the pet. It allows them to be taken care of all the while their struggles and challenges are acknowledged.

Pets are known to have better recovery when put through such treatments because of the emotional care involved. Holistic care is also crucial as it tends to involve the active participation of the pet owners meaning they are able to walk with the pet through the recovery.

This also provides closure for the pet owners in the event that the pet has to be put to sleep or they are dealing with potentially lifelong conditions.

As the cost of vet visits continues to shoot up and the medical procedures cost an arm and a leg, the allure and availability of holistic pet treatments will continue to soar. The potency of these treatments has not been extensively researched but they are generally known to be effective in most animals.


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