Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention – Part 3


Acne is not a death threatening disease. There are so many ways to deal with it today. One does not have to suffer with it in silence. Here is Part 3 of the Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention will continue to show you the best available natural means to treat or prevent acne.

1• These fruits have proven effective in preventing and treating acne. They are: Apples, Apricots, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Cantaloupes, Figs, Grapes, Mango, Oranges, Peaches, Pineapple, Pumpkins, Watermelons. They all contain essential vitamins and nutrients essential for a healthy skin.

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2• Birth control pills have been seen to either cause acne or stop it. If you take birth control pills and notice any of these just consult your doctor asap.

3• Maintain good hygiene. Your doctor can help you out on this.

4• Try natural tomato mask. When done leave on your face for about half an hour.

5• Acne causing bacterias can be killed by using honey mixed with lemon juice on your face.

6• Oatmeal Mask can be used to fight and prevent acne. First, cook the Oatmeal and allow it to cool. Then, you can mask the affected areas.

7• Soak lettuce leaves in water and use the water to clean your acne. It works really well.

8• Lime juice and rose water does a good job in dealing with acne.

9• Potato does a good job. You can cut it into several pieces and use on your face.

10• Lemon juice and egg white are known to help acne scars.

11• The skin needs lots of water to help repair itself from acne and acne scars. Drink water regularly.

12• Do not try to pop pimples inside the nose or ear. It can really become painful and degenerate. Those are very sensitive areas.

13• There is this natural supplement called Guggul it can be really effective for those suffering from oily skin and acne. Its sometimes called Commiphora Mukul. For centuries this resin of the Guggul tree has been used in India as natural remedy for acne and some other skin issues.

14• There is yet no proven clear cut,reliable and effective treatment. For Acne Rosacea. But there are some medications and home remedies that help control it.

15• Use the right cosmetics

16• Benzoyl Peroxide is a common ingredient in many acne medications. The concentration is commonly in 2.5% to 5% and 10%. If your skin has a higher tolerance to the lower concentrations, increase to 10%. Benzoyl Peroxide works by removing dead skin and fighting acne bacteria. Carefully check your acne products for this ingredient.

17• Having a bad thyroid, hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid can contribute to acne growth. So go on proper dieting and take proper medication if you are diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

18• Being in a comfortable temperature environment between 60-80 is good for skin. Overly hot temperatures can dry or burn the face. Too cold temperatures is also not good for the skin

19• You can spread some bacterias by shaving directly over acne. Don’t overlook this prevention tip.

20• Shea Butter can be a powerful substance in fighting and preventing acne. It’s origins are from the Karite Nut Tree and provides some real good acne fighting qualities.

21• White Willow Bark is known to unclog pores and deal with acne. The powerful acne fighting ingredient found in White Willow Bark is called salicylic acid.

22• Sulfur has also been used since the 1800’s to de-clog pores and fight acne causing bacterias. They are mosttimes used in acne products today.

23• Try to be stay active and not depressed. Lowering your stress level is beneficial in treating acne.

24• A combination of honey, water and crushed up aspirin can be applied to acne affected areas.

25• Wash gym equipment after you and other people are done with them. A lot of acne bacteria can be transferred through sweat.

26• Another natural remedy is a combination of water, baking soda and a small bit of sea salt. This can be a good acne fighting agent when applied directly on acne.

This is Part 3 or our series Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention. Ensure to read the other parts if you have not.

Kevin is a passionate health blogger with emphasis on all forms of acne. Visit his blog HERE For the best and reliable acne cure and treatment products.

Kevin Vincent
Kevin is a passionate health blogger with emphasis on all forms of acne. Visit his blog HERE For more acne cures and treatments.