Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention – Part 2


Today we will deal with the Part 2 of Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention. Ensure to read part 1 if you have not. Here are the 100 Myths About Acne And Skin Care

1• Replace the use of ‘bad oils’ (oils that aids acne growth) with healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil. They are good for acne sufferers.

2• Taking green tea is good for your skin because of its antioxidants.

3• Some people have noticed that as they reduced stress when they had acne it also helped them reduce minor blemishes or breakouts. Even if not for acne,stress is not good for your body.

4• Be careful how you play with your hands over your face a pinch or scrape on the skin with your fingernail while suffering acne could cause minor bleeding and bruising. And leading to severe scars and blemishes.

5• Good regular exercise will go a long way to help.

6• For a sensitive skin with minor blemishes and scars you can apply a honey mask twice a week. Depends on the gravity of the acne,you could do it alittle more. It feels really gentle on the skin.

7• Chromium supplements are known for preventing breakouts and treating scars and blemishes.

8• One good vegetable for preventing and treating acne is Carrots. It contains good Vitamin A. The nutrients in Carrots are known to prevent acne and repair blemishes. All varieties of Carrots can be used because they are all very effective in dealing with and preventing acne.

9• A full good night rest is good for your body and some have said it also prevents unnecessary acne.

10• If you can avoid surgical treatment for acne. The main reasons are that it’s expensive and may leave permanent scarring.

11• If you can avoid MSG if you are suffering from acne. Though it makes food recipes taste really good but it’s not good for your skin especially when you’re battling with acne.

12• As much as you can avoid places with high humidity to prevent breakouts.

13• As much as possible keep your face dry without a towel.

14• Nose strips can be of great help as you go about trying to remove blackheads.

15• This one is kind of controversial but this is the truth. Tanning can make your skin oily aiding the growth of acne. Completely avoid tanning. Sun burn is also harmful to the skin in regards to acne production. Use the appropriate sunblock if absolutely necessary. Ensure its prescribe by a professional.

16• To keep to number 15. Take this to consideration: some Sunblock can make the skin oily. Research or consult a physician on a good sunblock to fight the sun appropriately and stay oil free. Simply put: consult a dermatologist on this.

17• It takes time for acne to heal completely (though it all depends on your skin type,acne type and the severity of the acne). Be patient and don’t agitate about the blemishes in any way.

18• Do not use alcohol wipes or pads to clean your face. This may increase breakouts and blemishes by making your skin oily.

19• Some people from experience have said that Tea Tree Oil has helped repair their bad skin. May be you should give it a try.

20• Regularly make visits to a Dermatologist. This singular act can do you so much good in dealing with acne and reduce your blemishes as well. Who can prescribe a better cure than a Dermatologist? I mean he is an expert in this thing.

21• To deal with those bad bacterias in your body take prebiotics and probiotics. They also help build good bacteria. Acne is developed by bad bacteria absorbed in the body.

22• Just two Tea Bags,properly mixed with Basil leaves and applied with a cotton ball on the affected areas has shown to be an effective natural acne remedy. It’s been proven to be effective with some folks. But it won’t hurt giving it a try.

23• If you suspect you have a ‘genetic acne’ be quick to talk to an expert for proper check and treatment.

24• Equip yourself with the best and right informations about acne.

25• Treating acne does not cost a fortune if you know how to exactly go about it.

I hope you learnt something new and educative. Ensure to read Part 3 and Part 1 if you have not. This post is a series of 100 Natural Home Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention. We divided it into 4 Parts of 25 tips each.

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Kevin is a passionate health blogger with emphasis on all forms of acne. Visit his blog HERE For the best and reliable acne cure and treatment products.

Kevin Vincent
Kevin is a passionate health blogger with emphasis on all forms of acne. Visit his blog HERE For more acne cures and treatments.