Natural and Helpful Alternatives for Anxiety


Believe it or not a great majority of the population suffers from anxiety. Some individuals are able to balance their anxiety and relieve it through natural therapeutic techniques while others suffer from anxiety on a much larger scale and usually resort to prescription medication. Fortunately, with enough effort all individuals suffering from anxiety, no matter how great the scale, can find natural therapeutic alternatives.

Fighting Back
The first best step to ridding yourself of anxiety altogether is to find and eradicate the root causes of anxiety. For some it may be too many unnecessary responsibilities for others it could be a multitude of daily stressors, concerns, and worries. No matter the root cause, it must be evaluated and determined necessary or unnecessary. Doing so will help lighten the daily load of stress that eventually evolves into anxiety. The time that is created can be replaced with time that is used to focus on “the self.” Taking more leisure time, slowing down, or just partaking in activities that make you happy will substantially change your day leading to an anxiety free schedule.

Stretching and Exercising
For some individuals the amount of responsibilities they have in a day cannot change. Luckily though taking up a daily routine of stretching and exercising will help greatly reduce anxiety levels. At least 10 minutes to 30 minutes of stretching should be completed whether in the morning before the day begins or at night after the day has ended. Jogging and running should also be intertwined into daily exercise routines if the weather permits it. As well as hiking weekly will also allow for the mind to relax and get back in tune with nature. Advanced exercises such as yoga and Pilates should also be taken up as these activities allow for more time to focus on the self and help the body tremendously.

Believe it or not maintaining a healthy diet can help alleviate anxiety substantially. Avoiding foods that are high in trans fats, oils, cholesterol, or are prepared from a slaughterhouse will help the body naturally regulate anxiety when anxiety occurs. Eating foods such as raw fruits and vegetables and yogurt as well as foods with basic carbohydrates will help the body maintain physical and mental energy.

Therapeutic Alternatives
Increasing the amount of sleep you receive each night will also help to alleviate anxiety especially throughout a busy day. Obtaining at least eight to ten hours of sleep each night will allow the mind to relax and become refreshed for the next day. If sleep is hard to come by than use herbs such as passionflower and Valerian Root as a natural herbal sleep remedy. Massage Therapy can also dramatically decrease anxiety as physical touch and deep tissue massage can relieve the physical stress throughout the body that tends to lead to mental stress. Other alternatives such as counseling, therapy, or even seeking a past life regression therapist can also help to connect the root cause of anxiety and help to alleviate it altogether.



Natural Alternatives Treatment for Anxiety and Stress.”

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