Natural Health Freedom: 41 Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Transition To An Organically Healthy You


We live in the most toxic environment in history, so, if you want to live to a ripe old age, you’ve got take the proverbial broom to your insides sometimes.

There are many ways in which we are being poisoned every day. If we are going to get a handle on how to beat the toxins, we’ve got to identify the general areas of concern first. Our air, food, water and minds are being poisoned at an unprecedented rate. By focusing on each of these in turn, I am about to show you 41 ways in which you can start to protect you and your loved ones against the toxic chemical onslaught that is our modern life.

It’s a gradual process, over many years, that sees our bodies full of toxins. So the process of eliminating these built up toxins is usually a medium term project. Yes, you can fast, however, that isn’t for everyone. Choose a couple of methods of detoxing your body and get started!

Clean Air

1 – Air purifiers – Get multiple air purifiers if you can. When buying an air purifier, make sure to check it’s coverage against the space you want it to purify. Be sure to buy one that covers a larger area that the one you want purified, to achieve a good level of clean air saturation.

2 – Avoid the cities – This one is obvious; more cars = more pollution = cough cough. Not a good thing for our bodies. If you can’t avoid the city, keep reading because you are the one that needs the air purification methods the most.

3 – Buy gas masks – It might sound a bit wild, but have you seen the recent pictures coming out of places like China and Malaysia? They are two places where I would seriously consider wearing a gas mask outside. Those little white masks you see those people using, do little to protect the respiritory system of the body. Gas masks have charcoal filters that last for four hours. Plenty of time to get clear of any serious air pollution when required.

4 – Keep your smoke detectors clean and working – Most people that die in house fires do so from smoke inhalation, not burns.

5 – Shut your doors and windows in times of heavy pollution – Then crank up the air purifiers. This one might sound like common sense, but I do recall a serious blonde moment years ago, where I left the windows open during a dust storm. Yes, the house was full of the dust.

6 – Get a car air purifier – Protect yourself in your car. If you regularly sit in traffic for hours on end, I implore you to go buy a car purifier, right now. They are around 50 bucks and worth every penny in gridlock.

7 – Grow Plants – We breathe out the carbon dioxide that they breathe in. They breathe out our much needed, clean oxygen. Bring some plants inside to pump pure oxygen into your house.

8 – Use a sealed shade house if you can – This will protect your crops from pollutants in the air.

Clean Food

9 – Move towards eating only organic – look at labeling for goodness sake! And keep doing so. Early in my journey there was a memorable trip to the supermarket where I discovered that every single packet of those frozen french fries my daughter was still eating at the time, contained canola. It’s times like that that make me advocate for you to start reading labels. I’m positive what you find will shock you.

10 – Start replacing plastic with glass and polyester in your bed linen – Still be wary of claims of BPA free plastic because BPA (Bisphenol-A ) is just one molecule away from Bisphenol-S and that’s what they’re using now instead of the BPA. STILL an endocrine disrupter! When we use plastic for food storage containers, plastic is inevitably leeching into our foods and bodies. Plastic is everywhere. Use glass jars instead.

Look for ethical manufactures of natural, organic products like organic cotton sheets, especially baby’s sheets. Did you know you can even buy baby nappies in organic bamboo? Super soft!

11 – Read all labels – When you do buy processed products to put into or onto your body, please do read the label. I remember checking EVERY frozen chip packet at the supermarket one day, and EVERY one contained canola. Canola the G.M.O. product, no thanks!

12 – Examine what’s in your beverages – check labels there too.

13 – Avoid eating G.M.O. products – I call them ‘food products’ for they are a product of food, not actually food in my opinion.

14 – Grow your own organic food – Food is free! There’s nothing, zip, zero, zilch better than eating your own food. There are about 58,000 reasons why you should grow your own food.

15 – Grow your own organic real medicine – You will figure out which plants love you as you go along. Start with one or two herbs or natural healing plants, and work your way up to a full healing farm-acy as I like to call it.

16 – Swap with neighbors, friends and family – What better way to foster community spirit and friendships than by feeding each other?

17 – Start a community garden – Again with the community spirit building!

18 – Check out what’s in school lunches – There are often many undesirable choices lurking in the school canteens. Many choices that little Jenny or Johnny are making while you aren’t watching. All you can do with this one is educated your children and be their example.

19 – Keep the holy trinity of essential oils – Oregano, black seed and cannabis oils are your go-to oils that have been used for millennia to treat human ailments. Check with your local laws concerning cannabis because, after many decades of prohibition it’s illegal in a lot of places. Thank goodness we are now, slowly but surely, all around the world, being allowed access to this life saving plant.

Clean Water

20 – Stop drinking tap water NOW – Do you know the source of that water? Have you tracked down the company responsible for the safety of that water and viewed what additives are included? There WILL be some chemicals added, not least of which is chlorine. The worst can be lithium. No kidding!

21 – Only drink filtered rain water – If you have access to a spring or mountain water, definitely use that instead!

22 – Buy a ceramic water purifier – This was my first stop on my journey of natural living, and it should be your very next one. Our bodies are made of 80% water, so the water we put in, really does matter. Get it as clean as you can for drinking.

23 – Use clean water for cooking – Yes, your veges soak up a lot of water that you are putting inside you. Only take cooking water from your ceramic purifier.

24 – Use clean water for making ice cubes – This is something often overlooked when making the switch to clean water. Make sure you ice cubes are made of clean water too.

25 – Use clean water for your pets drinking water – Fido and Kitty want to live too!

26 – Get a pH test kit – This is to check what’s in your rain, mountain, spring and bath water.

27 – Iodine drops for cleaning water.

Clean Mind

28 – Switch off the signal! – include mainstream radio

29 – Stop reading newspapers – more mass media hype and propaganda.

30 – Start researching – You have a computer and the internet right there are your fingertips. It’s not just for loving funny cats pics!

31 – Start questioning everything – My favorite question is, “Why?” If you ask just that question, a couple of times on the one subject, you can often figure out exactly what is going on.

32 – Seek out some philosophy – Find words about life, love and health minds that resonate with you. Seek out the, “Ah ha!” moments. It’s amazing to me that, finding someone who makes emotional and spiritual sense to you, can turn one’s life around so quickly.

33 – Reject constantly negative people – If this sounds harsh to you, you are probably a person who needs to heed this advice more than most. Being exposed, constantly, to negativity is a sure fire way to bring you down. When you are negative, you are vibrating at a lower level and it’s hard to achieve anything in that state. Get with the positive, happy, smiley people.

34 – Practice yoga or tai chi – Both of these practices are excellent for achieving the much longed for by many, mindlessness, state of bliss. With so much going on in life, and at such breakneck speeds, it’s a mountain off our backs when we can find those precious few minutes each day to yoga or tai chi to get mindless. This is a beautific and blissful state to be in. All anxiety drops away because all thoughts are gone.

35 – Learn the art of turning negatives into positives – An art worth your learning.

36 – Walk in nature – Do this as often as you possibly can. The uplifting feeling of being among trees, fresh air and the

37 – Keep away from WiFi when you can – WiFi signals are a very new but are becoming known as toxic to human brains “Since use of mobile phones is associated with an increased risk for brain tumor after 10 years, a new biologically based guideline is warranted.

38 – Daydream – There is much science behind why daydreaming is a good flush of toxic thoughts for our brains.

39 – Pet an animal – You both get floods of oxytocin to the brain during the pleasurable act of petting an animal. Thanks puppy!

40 – Read books – Read as many books, across as many genres, as you can get your hands on.

41 – Do a little prepping for peace of mind – It’s always handy to have some extra water, food and medical supplies on hand

So, as you can see, there is no rational reason why you should run around screaming, “The sky is falling!” because there are a plethora of ways to combat this toxic world. Little bit by little bit we will take back our world and turn it into something wholesome, natural and beautiful once again.

Good luck on your natural health journey!


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