Natural Cures: A Homemade Syrup for How to Get Mucus Out of Lungs


The common symptoms of lung mucus may include: Chest pain, coughing, coughing blood, shortness of breath and wheezing. And these symptoms are normally worse in the morning. These are very uncomfortable experiences, if you are suffering from this problem, find the causes of it first, so what causes the lung mucus?

The Common Contributors to Lung Mucus

– Exposure to smoke, tobacco smoke or dust

– Sudden changes in temperature, dry climates or exposure to cold winds

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Colds or flu

– Infections

For getting the mucus out of lungs, drink plenty of water, this will help to loosen the phlegm and help remove mucus. And if you smoke, try to kick the habit as smoking can cause serious lung problems, it also causes the lungs to produce excessive chest mucus, which will worsen the condition.

There are also natural cures you can use, one of the effective ones here is a simple syrup you can make at home to get rid of the mucus easily:

Homemade Syrup for How to Get Mucus Out of Lungs


  • 1 cup of pure maple syrup
  • 250 ml filtered water
  • 1 lemon (sliced)
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed
  • 1 tablespoon sage
  • 1 tablespoon marshmallow root


Mix the maple syrup in the water in a saucepan.

Heat the mixture for 10-15 minutes on a medium heat.

Add all the other ingredients and keep heating for 15 more minutes on a lower heat.

Put the mixture in the fridge.

Take this syrup 1 tablespoon 3 times everyday. The symptoms will be relieved inside some days.

Other Home Remedies for Mucus in Lungs

  • Add eucalyptus oil to water to take steam inhalations, it will help keep the secretions loose and reduce congestion.This natural oil contains lots of medicinal properties which affect our physical and mental health, with strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-spastic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been also widely used to aid in sinus issues, muscle relaxant and reduce fevers.
  • Combine one teaspoon of ginger powder, one teaspoon raw honey and consume it 3 times per day until you can feel the improvement.
  • Basil leaves help! They fight phlegm and decrease the effect of peptic acids in the stomach.Simply take a few basil leaves or make a mixture with crushed basil leaves with honey and have it 3 times per day for a relief.Decoction made out of basil leaves, ginger and black pepper in equal quantities is also effective.
  • Mix one teaspoon of each onion juice and honey, take it twice a day for removing the mucus.
  • Powder cloves and blend with a tablespoon of raw honey, take it once a day for a week. This herb has ability to get rid of phlegm almost immediately.
  • Mint leaves get rid of the mucus accumulation, chew on a few mint leaves after meals to relieve the discomfort.
  • Indian gooseberries help fight respiratory infections and prevent mucus from descending in to the stomach.

This vitamin C rich berry also prevents several diseases by strengthening the immune system. Take one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder twice a day and you will see the result.



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