Natural & Chemical Free- 10 Home Remedies for Intestinal Parasites And Worms


Our stomach and the intestine is home to a number of parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, flatworms, etc. These parasites are helpful in the digestive process. Intestinal worms are parasites, which thrive in the intestines of another organism. Parasites enter the human body mostly through food and water, through transmitting agents, such as a mosquito and sexual contact and also through nose and skin.

Here are the list of home remedies for intestinal parasites effectively works. They are all natural that can assure no side effects at all.

Lemon And Spearmint

Take one cup of spearmint juice and add some black salt and lemon juice to it. Drink this every day to remove all kinds of parasitic infections in your stomach.


Garlic is a very useful home cure for intestinal worms. Both garlic and its oil are useful for this purpose. Take three garlic cloves every morning for better results. Crush garlic cloves and the oil can be applied over the skin, as they are easily absorbed into the blood.

Castor Oil And Milk

Take a glass of warm milk and add two teaspoons of castor oil to this. Drinking this milk will remove the parasites through the stools. Do this continuously for a week to get complete relief from intestinal parasites.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain a chemical that paralyzes the adult worms. As the paralyzed worms cannot cling to the wall of the intestinal tract during bowel movement, they can be easily eliminated from the intestines through the feces.


Turmeric is an excellent home remedy for intestinal worms. Dry powder or juice of turmeric mixed in butter milk or water is highly beneficial for intestinal problem, especially chronic diarrhea.

Papaya Seeds

The black seeds of papaya that we throw away every day after consuming tasty papayas can actually help our body to get rid of parasites. Next time do not throw them away. Crush them to form a paste and consume them along with the papayas for cleaning the stomach and keeping them clear of parasitic worms.


Coconut is the most effective home cure to treat intestinal worms. Take one tablespoon of freshly ground coconut at breakfast, followed by 30 to 60ml of castor oil mixed in 250 to 375ml of lukewarm milk after three hours, should be taken.


This delicious fruit contains the digestive enzyme bromelain that helps to clear certain parasitic infections, such as tapeworms.


Contains sulfur compounds that are anti-parasitic. Onion juice is very effective for intestinal worms, especially tapeworm and thread worms. Drink 2 tsp. of onion juice twice a day for 2 weeks.


Clove contains eugenol, a volatile oil, which can destroy the eggs of the worms as well as the adult parasites. To treat intestinal worm infection naturally, eat three to four cloves daily.

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