Natural Bodybuilding Supplements and the Path to FDA Acceptance


It is no secret that natural supplements have a difficult time getting FDA acceptance.

Many substances are even banned without any proper justification. Due to this, people who prefer to take the natural approach often find themselves debating between a long list of products that have no FDA backing. However, there are often medical studies that make it easier to differentiate between a quality product and one that is simply a money-maker.

Why Does the FDA Avoid Approving Supplements?

The FDA does not provide approval for any supplements that include ingredients that were first developed after October 15, 1994. Unfortunately, this makes it harder than necessary for consumers to figure out which bodybuilding supplements are truly natural and made with a combination of ingredients that will provide the anticipated results.

On the plus side, the FDA does require new ingredients to be submitted at least 75 days before any marketing begins, and they use testing and consumer experiences to oversee the safety of these items after they enter the marketplace.

What Does FDA Accepted Mean?

Body building supplements that contain new ingredients can receive the FDA accepted designation if there is nothing within these ingredients that present any red flags. If you are in the process of bulking up and want assistance meeting your bodybuilding goals, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose a supplement with FDA accepted ingredients.

Clinical Studies Back Maker’s Claims

The FDA may not offer much assistance other than approving new ingredients, but there are many scientists worldwide who are very interested in researching the effects of natural products. These studies look for everything from possible unexpected health benefits to side effects that could be harmful for humans.

FDA Approval of Questionable Pharmaceuticals

The majority of these clinical trials do not find any serious side effects associated with natural bodybuilding products. Meanwhile, legally produced steroids such as Androstenedione that can help bodybuilders bulk up come with a long list of safety concerns. For example, this particular steroid is listed as being linked to heart disease, shrunken testicles, behavioral changes, prostate cancer and increased symptoms in people who have been diagnosed with depression.

As you can see, the natural approach makes much more sense because it is a healthier alternative. Sadly, this comparison also make it clear yet again that the FDA is more than willing to approve pharmaceuticals that are dangerous while turning a blind eye to natural products that have never been linked to horrifying diseases such as cancer.

What Makes Natural Bodybuilding Supplements Effective?

Taking a supplement with natural ingredients is a good way to avoid nasty side effects, and it never hurts to select a product that has FDA acceptance. However, simply taking something natural will not give you the desired results. Instead, you need to look for the right combinations of ingredients, and this requires some research. For instance, many bodybuilders need to speed up their metabolism so that they can burn through their excess body fat. Inositol is a naturally occurring substance that has been found to aid the metabolic process. Therefore, a bodybuilding supplement that contains Inositol could be beneficial for meeting this specific goal.

Ultimately, the path to FDA acceptance is typically filled with long delays and an extended period of consumer usage. In some cases, new ingredients are tested and accepted more quickly, but the best way to know if a supplement is worth your money is to look into its active ingredients and read any existing medical studies about the specific product that you have in mind. If you utilize this technique, you can improve your physique and stick with all natural ingredients.