Too Much or Too Little? 17 Tips To Balanced Stomach Acid pH Naturally


Creating and maintaining the appropriate acid balance in the stomach is a hugely important yet challenging task. When acid imbalance is prolonged it may result in unhealthy absorption and digestion within the GI tract. It’s important for stomach acid to be in balance not only because it help us breakdown and absorb nutrients, but it creates a much needed and important barrier to invading organisms.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is naturally secreted in the stomach in order to digest food in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Many people have a deficiency of this acid, which can lead to other vitamin deficiencies and chronic imbalances. After the age of 50, the body’s ability to produce HCL begins to decline. Chronic stress also tends to deplete HCL, characterized by consistent indigestion, and resulting nutritional deficiencies.

17 Tips To Balanced Your Stomach Acid pH

Chew foods thoroughly to stimulate digestive enzymes in the mouth, and to break up foods into the smallest particles possible for better digestion.

Eliminate white flour, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.

To aid the body in digesting animal protein soak meats in acidic mediums such as lemon or lime juice, tomato juice, apple cider vinegar, etc. Marinating meats is a good way to pre-digest or pre-cook them.

Use spices in cooking to stimulate stomach acid production and appetite.

Avoid overeating and snacking in between meals in order to allow time for your body to digest foods properly.

Eat unpasteurized unheated salt-free sauerkraut.

Drink ginger tea to increase production of HCL.

Consume sea salt instead of normal salt as sea salt stimulates stomach acid production

Increase your Zinc intake by consuming foods such as beef, lamb, crabmeat, turkey, chicken, lobster, clams, salmon. Dairy products such as yogurt, kefir and cheese, yeast, peanuts, beans, wholegrain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and potatoes. Vitamin C, E, B6, and minerals such as magnesium can increase zinc absorption in the body.

Always eat good fats when you eat proteins. Protein stimulates stomach acid production, and protein and fats stimulate the gall bladder to dump bile into the small intestines. Good fats also are needed by the liver in order to produce bile.

Take juice of half a lemon, diluted with warm water (or totally undiluted) at the beginning of each meal.

Always eat when relaxed and at peace because eating when upset can stop the production of HCL.

Drink 4 ounces freshly juiced cabbage.

Eliminate processed foods, fast foods, genetically modified foods, additives, dyes, artificial flavoring as they have zero nutrition value.

Avoid eating proteins with carbohydrates/starches together as carbs hinder the production of HCL. Instead, eat protein with low starch veggies and carbohydrates with veggies.

Try to eat three to four hours before bedtime. If you eat too late the body struggles to complete the digestive process during the time it is naturally trying to rest.

Don’t lie down immediately after eating. If you must lie down, prop yourself up with pillows so that head and upper torso are raised to aid the digestion.

Do not drink ice water with meals as it inhibits production of stomach acid.


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