MS, the Swank Diet, and Kratom


There is one proven way that has been used for 50+ years to slow and even stop the progression of MS. This is the Swank Diet, created by Roy Swank, MD, in 1948.

Here is what the Swank Diet can do, in the words of Michael Greger, MD: “If we can get to people early in their disease, when they’re only mildly disabled, and restrict their saturated fat intake, Dr. Swank showed he could stop their disease in 95% of cases—no further disability 34 years later.”

These results are amazing. So, why haven’t you heard about the Swank Diet from your neurologist?

It could be that the diet Dr. Roy Swank had created wasn’t profitable enough to interest the medical/pharmaceutical industry. It could be that it might displease the Cattlemen’s Association. It could put a lot of well-paid neurologists out of business. So, because medicine is a for-profit business, most doctors, neurologists, and even the MS Society have decided to ignore the Swank Diet’s findings.

The mainstream medical community has said “The evidence isn’t conclusive,”, but they haven’t tried to make the evidence conclusive, so that the public could know for sure that this is worth doing.

The main reason, as you can probably guess, is that there is no money for the drug makers and sellers in promoting this. Why should they send customers away to a competing methodology — even if it prevents them from suffering? This seems to be how the pharmaceutical industry thinks.

It is worthwhile to realize that the big pharmaceutical companies really don’t care how much you suffer or that you will eventually die. They don’t mind withholding priceless information from you, just so they can sell you some less-effective drug for $30,000 per year.

Did you get that? Read that last paragraph over again, please.

What is amazing is that many people with MS will look at this diet and some will complain that it’s too much to give up meat! Can you believe that?

Faced with a terminal, painful, unpredictable disease — many MS patients will have a hard time deciding whether they are willing to comply with the program!

The Swank Diet is very strict. As explained by Dr. Greger in this short, excellent video , patients who cheated on this vegan diet by consuming only 8 grams of saturated fat per day had a striking increase in disability and their death rate tripled!

The mainstream medical industry’s usual drug for slowing the progression of MS is beta interferon and the best it can do is slow the progression of the disease by 8% in 3 years, according to Dr. McDougall. At a price of $30,000 a year, just for the drug!

The British health service thought this was such a rip-off that they agreed to let the maker of the drug test it clinically on a number of patients  — and they found that the drug actually made the patients worse. So, the Brits were wise enough to refuse to pay for this drug being used to treat MS.

Our insurance companies in the USA, as well as Medicare/Medicaid, aren’t so frugal — they are obviously somehow “in bed” w/ Big Pharma, so they just pay and add this worse-than-useless treatment to the cost of our insurance.

No wonder we spend the most on Sickness Care, and are one of the sickest nations!

Some MS patients are using the herb kratom to help with the pain and depression that come with MS. While there is no research specifically investigating kratom in cases of multiple sclerosis, there is anecdotal evidence gathered from those using it that suggests that it help ease their pain, which might otherwise be treated with OxyContin or another addictive narcotic drug.

Here is a testimonial from Marsha that summarizes what I have heard from other MS patients who add kratom to a variety of other therapies:

Marsha’s Story

“I have relapsing remitting MS, diagnosed in 2008 Via MRI and Spinal Tap. Was prescribed Avonex (this was a weekly shot) and OxyContin for pain. Of course I became addicted..
2008-2010 I suffered many flares resulting in several lesions especially to my optic nerve.

“In 2010 I decided I was done with these drugs that weren’t working. I found kratom, quit all medication, changed my life style by eating only organic mainly raw diet, in fact I grow most of my food.

“Kratom helps me stay focused, relieves any pain related symptoms and, I believe, saved my life. From 2011-2014 I had zero new lesions! And very few major flares.

“This last MRI did show a very small new active lesion again close to the optic nerve. I am being proactive and have started water therapy and keep cool as the heat can agitate symptoms. I change up the way I use kratom — I make teas and foods with it.

“I do have a very high tolerance (with kratom), but its better than Oxy!

“My doctor is now very curious re: kratom. I gave him some at my last visit.

“I belong to a MS group and have introduced it to several folks that are also getting relief.”

Me: “One question — Have you heard of the Swank Diet? It’s a very low-fat diet, with fish oils being the main oils. It has shown very good results over a 50 yr. period of study.”

Marsha: “I have. I have been considering it. I stopped eating meat a couple years ago. I forgot to mention I take 1000 units of Vitamin-D daily. I even mix it in with my Kratom Tea.”

Here is an excellent explanation of the theory and practical experience behind the Swank Diet, from a lecture by Dr. John McDougall, who was mentored by Dr. Swank. Highly recommended!

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The author, Paul Kemp, has been a health and longevity enthusiast since the age of 10 when he saw clean-living family members begin to die from doctor-recommended diets and medicines.

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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.