Moringa – a miracle tree ?


Moringa tree has been introduced in Mexico some three years ago,  it has become more popular among the natural cures enthusiasts, it also has been said that  moringa leaves have a lot of vitamins and minerals, that helps to prevent and cure many diseases. I want to share my personal experience with this tree, which has been great in many aspects, and it is worth to share the benefits of this tree.

Thanks to a friend that shared with me a documentary in youtube called  “Moringa, the miracle tree”, I became a fan of this tree. I wanted to probe if all I read on the internet was true, so I started eating these leaves in the year 2012. My friend also gave me a moringa tree, which I planted in my home. Since then on, I use the moringa in any form I can:  tea, smoothies, cakes, cookies,  blends, juices, directly in food (in a salt shaker), etc.  This has improved my health tremendously, and I have become an ambassador of this tree.

The following are some examples of my adventure with the moringa tree.

1. Fertility.

 Thanks to eating the moringa leaves, my wife was able to become pregnant of our second child, we have had tried several years to have our second child, without success. After two months of using the moringa leaves, my wife gave me the good news that she was pregnant. I have also heard of similar cases of using the moringa to increase fertility, with positive results. Seems like the moringa helps  the body to have the correct and needed nutrients, so it works the way the body is supposed to work.

2. Iron level in the blood. 

After our beautiful daughter (Melina) was born, my wife had to received a blood transfusion, and I went to donate blood. During blood donation the nurse asked me if I was an athlete, because the level of hemoglobin was above normal levels, I had a level of 17. The nurse had seen levels of 14 in soccer players, and 8-10 in people that didn’t practice any sports. I told her that the only explanation I had for that, is that I was eating moringa leaves, which contains more iron than spinach.

3. Artritis.

 I have an aunt that is 75 years old, and she was having artritis problems in her hands, a lot of pain in her bones and couldn’t move them without pain. I took her a moringa tree, and some leaves. She started using them, and after some weeks, she called me on the phone saying that her pain had gone, and she could move her hands again without pain. That was 18 months ago, and to this day, she is very healthy.

4. Skin problems.

 A co-worker that started drinking moringa tea is very happy, she told me she had white spots in her skin for more than 20 years, and now she is noticing that the spots are fading out. Her doctor had told her that those spots would be with her forever. So many co-workers are now using the moringa leaves to improve their health.

5. Cancer. 

One of my wife’s cousin was detected with cancer 3 months ago, he had the tumor removed, and one session of chemotherapy. After that he had been drinking moringa tea, and also hemp oil (Hemp is another plant that is great for health improvement because of all the vitamins it has. I will write another article of the benefits of hemp), he has seen an improvement in his body, his doctor couldn’t believe that he had recovered so well from the session of chemotherapy. I am very interested in his case, because this will confirm what I have read on the internet, about moringa helping to cure and prevent cancer. His goal is that he doesn’t get cancer again.

6. Fatigue.

Physical and mental fatigue that we experience at work everyday, can be diminished with the use of moringa. I get a lot of energy drinking a tea with moringa, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. I drink this tea everyday in my water bottle, and has helped me a lot to have energy and to maintain good health.

7. Diabetes. 

I have seen some cases of diabetes that have been under control with the following blend:  moringa, “nopales”, aloe vera and grapefruit. One glass of this blend everyday, and the glucose levels are taken back to normal. It also helps to control the hypertension.

These are some examples I have seen in my personal life, with relatives and friends. Moringa now has become one of our favorite medicinal plants. I firmly believe that moringa’s use in Mexico will increase to unsuspected levels, more and more people are convinced of the benefits of using moringa as a health natural remedy. And I am sure, more examples will be written in the future.

Conclusion: The best way to probe the benefits of using moringa, is to start using it in your own life. I recommend that you get leaves from an organic producer, or try to get your tree. I leave you my webpage where you can learn about the care of the moringa tree.




Agustín Prieto
Soy un apasionado al tema de la salud, me gusta la medicina alternativa, evito al máximo las medicinas que no sean naturistas. Soy ingeniero en electrónica de profesión, con un amor por la naturaleza y con la firme creencia de que podemos gozar de una salud plena a través de una alimentación llena de nutrientes y vitaminas. Soy enemigo de la comida chatarra y de los refrescos.