Moonlight Manifesto: Reflection on the Election of Donald Trump


Full moons are always a time of heightened hormonal energies. Police departments and hospital experience rises in incidents of aggressive behavior and lunacy during the pull of the full moon. As the tides rise, so do our emotions, pulled by the same energetic forces.
The Supermoon on November 14th comes on the heels of an already tense and divisive (s)election cycle in the United States.

Exposing Corruption

Evidence of profound corruption by the Clinton Foundation and the disclosure of financial support for both ISIL and Hillary Clinton by the Saudi Royals has fueled momentum to the public unwillingness to accept corruption as “politics as usual”.

Accusations of hacking made by Clinton against Russia have been proven false but the build-up of NATO troops along the Russian border and a recent cyber-attack against Russia from inside the United States are real, as President Obama and our former Secretary of State Clinton moves us closer to a deliberate war with Russia.

Agents within law enforcement and national security agencies bravely honored their oaths to defend our constitutionally guaranteed rights from enemies, foreign and domestic; leaking the proof of corruption that permeates the Clinton Foundation, and manifested as system of “pay for play” in the Office of the Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, the internet and social media have been the voices for the people in this election. Journalism has returned to the people and to the streets.

The Trump Card

Trump’s candidacy may have been politically strategized or even manufactured to make a corrupted Hillary Clinton appear to be the more tolerable choice. Then again, the millions of silent voters who have studied the corruption in government are using this unlikely wildcard to literally trump the Presidential selection process. With protest support from George Soros’ Move On, and Hillary Clinton’s challenge to the Electoral College, Donald Trump’s wildcard Presidency may continue to be so divisive that States may secede from the Union and realign with neighboring States, into Regional Governments. Such an outcome has long been desired by forces for Globalization and consolidation of power. If George Soros wanted to harvest a revolution on American soil to institute global governance, he must have assumed that we had forgotten our roots…and grossly underestimated our instinct for reason and independence.

The wide base of support for a Trump presidency, unrecognized by the MSM, came from those discarded and disaffected by long failed democratic socialist and Neocon policies alike. It came from those whose recognition of criminality in media and government stirred their consciences to disconnect from the status quo. It came from those who understood that freedom of speech has room to include the venting of suppressed resentments and suffering. It came from the lessons of the past beginning with the fact that all peoples who have given up the right to defend their persons and their property have been overrun by tyrants. The Second Amendment is key to the defense of our freedom. The tyranny of theocracy such as Islamic Sharia are incompatible with our constitutional, democratic Republic in as much as it is an obligation, particularly in the Saudi fundamentalist version of Islam to aggressively conquer and repopulate a host land as their own.

Trump’s support came from a vast range of people who realized that politically correct speech is a censure of the ability to sound an alarm when a threat is faced. His support came from those whose consciences demanded a break from corruption and were willing to work within a system of checks and balances to temper the blustery storm. Support came from those who recognized the build up to another unwanted and catastrophic war. Making no excuses for the bombastic behavior of Trump or his most vocal supporters, real support came from the reasoned logic that is unwilling to submit to the racism, sexism and violence inherent in the acceptance of Sharia law on American soil. Lastly, support came from those who believe in local and national government, in that order and who refuse to submit sovereign authority to the influence of either the Saudi terror network or to a global elite.

Supermoon November 14th

As the Supermoon approaches, it would be too simple to surrender to the impulse to anger, to revenge, to hatreds and violence. The provocateur most dangerous is the one that resides in our own frustration; the one who is justified is seeking or meeting out justice but will not find it in harming himself or others. Instead, the moon that heightens our assertive drive and our sexuality is also the moon that heightens our creativity, our ability to redirect energy into a positive idea or invention or way of interacting with another person. This is the energy that is a gift to each of us and a gift that we can share.

Traditionally, the November moon always marks a time of preparation for winter. It is a time of responsibility, of evaluation and looking forward. The seeds we have sown, both physical and spiritual, have come to harvest and now our stores are laden with the products of our intentions, our actions and the lessons of conscience.

As we prepare for winter and the deep reflection of the long night, let us reflect on the seeds that we have planted with our words and our intentions, with our actions and our inaction. Let us consider what we can learn from those whose voices have been ignored by the MSM. We have been too long distracted by propaganda, by revival tent politics, by twerking and texting and trusting others to tend to our lives. We’ve been told how to think and how to teach and how to depend on the Church and the State, when neither will tend our gardens. The seeds they’ve planted have tainted the harvest. What we now harvest is burdened with bitter weeds and hurtful, bitter words born from gardens poorly tended and starving from neglect. The harvest is heavy with rotted fruit and withered vines and with the stones that weigh down our hearts. Now we fear one another and the long cold nights with rancor and disillusionment. As tenders of our souls, like tenders of the land, we have reaped the harvest sown.

Consequences of Compliance

Our land and our homes, our water and our skies have been co-opted by corporate and government jurisdictions, treaty agreements, liens and lies. The water of life carries nourishment to plant and beast alike. It too has been tainted by our treatment of it as a lifeless resource. We have allowed its contamination with our waste and by use of chemicals, by fracking and by privatization to corporations owned by the political elite. We are made of water and minerals and the spirit that resides within. Without living water, we too will wither and the children will die. The awaited rains of winter will not save us if the water is not safe to drink.

Nature herself has been forced to adapt to the carcinogenic chemicals in Geo-engineering. Aluminum, barium and strontium fall from our skies damaging our bodies, our water and our soil. We’ve been forced to accept the raping of our land and our spirits to draw forth every resource past the point of regeneration and threatening the roll of these resources to maintain an ecological balance. The black snake pipeline trespasses the planes and promises to poison the garden. The protectors of the water are trying to save us all.

Our rights as free people have been weighed against threats to our freedom back room terror and false flag events. For too long we trusted in the globalization of care, when it was the globalization of corruption at play on our land. Our lives and actions are under constant surveillance, monitored and cataloged for control. We have been played, manipulated and nearly harvested as fodder in an effort to make permanent the cycle of a forever war.

As we process the harvest of this season, sorting that which nourishes from that which does not, we can give thanks for the disclosure of corruption, its tentacles reaching deep within our political and economic structures. We can give thanks that there are still those whose voices and discernment have challenged us to see and understand our world….and one another with clarity and truth.

It is said that we should never go to sleep angry. As we settle in for the contemplative sleep of winter, we are angry at one another in large part because we trusted others to tell us how to think and behave. We forgot that we are individuals whose unique points of view cannot be duplicated or replaced by an imposed consensus. Likewise, responsibility is first and foremost, personal. Giving authority away diminishes our potential to connect with the consciousness that underlies all of existence. Instead, it feeds the tentacles of a pale simulation of our reality.
We mourn for those who have been lost to war, lost to lies and corruption. We mourn for those whose faiths have been manipulated by propaganda and war to hate one another. We mourn for the land and water and sky. We mourn because it took us this long to say “that’s enough” and “no more!”

As we sort our harvest in this season of change, remember that we must salvage our souls from the corruption into which we all grew complicit. Healing requires that we must address those whose participation in deceit made possible the bombing of children, the starving of continents and the genocide of cultures. Forgiveness will come only with contrition, reparations and the cessation of crimes.

An Agenda for Healing

  • Abolish fracking and restore the damaged waterways and lands. Make reparation to all those injured by the imposition or employment of fracking.
  • Revisit, replace or dismantle NAFTA, CAFTA and all global corporate treaties and trade agreements such as those who have driven Mexican farmers off of their land shifted American manufacturing out of the United States. Eliminate any and all trade agreements that supersede national laws with international decrees.
  • Dismantle the monopolies of corporate agriculture. Abolish terminator seeds and chemical herbicides. Encourage a return to family farms, non-GMO crops and urban gardening.
  • Restore non-chemical methodologies and natural technologies for the healing of our water, our skies and our land.
  • End the American Medical Association’s monopoly on defining health care. End the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the standards of health care in the United States. Effective non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical healing modalities must be recognized and restored.
  • Rescind the Patriot Acts and other 911 legislation that militarized our law enforcement and created a surveillance state. The war on terror was manufactured to manipulate our participation in unending wars of profit by fostering, arming and radicalizing religious extremism and by sacrificing American lives in false flag events.
  • Restore to the inventors and families of inventors, the suppressed patents and inventions that may have long ago given us energy independence, free of “fossil fuels”.
  • Respect and restore all treaty agreements made between the Native American tribes and any agency or department of the United States Government. Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • American involvement in and military support for the endless wars in the Middle East must end. American and British involvement in the radicalization of terrorists now paid for by Saudi Arabia must end. The Middle East must come to a negotiated peace that respects all parties and persons without violence. China, Russia and the United State working in concert can encourage a negotiated peace in the Middle East. Healing and rebuilding must replace radial terror and eternal revenge.
  • American Christian support of Israel for the sake of forcing the fulfillment Biblical prophecy must be abandoned. Bring our troops home and help them to heal.
  • Saudi Arabia has spread fundamentalist Islamic Jihad by means of its extreme wealth and influence, weaponizing religion as a tool of conquest. Saudi inspired Muslim refugees who wish to maintain Sharia customs should be repatriated to the Saudi homeland.
  • End the Federal Reserve banking system. Abolish the debt money system controlled by those who own the Federal Reserve.
    Globalization projects, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which seek the abolition of private property and the consolidation of resources under the authority of wealthy elites, must also end.
  • Climate change science must consider the influence of commercial weather manipulation for stock market profit on our weather cycles and climate change. Temperature shifts on other planets in our solar system indicate that our climate change discussion needs to consider the ramifications of climate impact our housing and lifestyles.
  • Disclose the pay for play system of corruption that has infiltrated our government and tainted our interactions with global powers and corporations. Hold all parties responsible, without Presidential pardon.


We can be grateful to have one another in this time of division, so that we can reach our arms out to reconcile our differences and seriously discuss those issues that divide us. We need not be of one voice, or one faith or one political persuasion. Consensus, like division, is for control or the many by the few. Personal sovereignty, personal responsibility and the protections of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights……that is what we need.

In this time of reflection and contemplation, consider the potential for truly healing our world, our nations and ourselves. We may not have a better opportunity than we do at this juncture in time to “trump” the corruption, contamination and globalization of our nation and our world. As we contemplate under the light and strength of November’s Supermoon, let us find the light and strength within ourselves to disengage from corruption, restore our Constitutional rights, and restore our health and the health of the land, water and sky.

Marie Oliver