The side effects are endless:  weight gain, irritability, depression, tachycardia, and now the scariest complication associated with the Mirena IUD manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals – Breast Cancer.  A new study proves there is a link with the insertion of Mirena and a woman’s risk of developing this very serious type of cancer.

You decided some time ago to get a Mirena IUD inserted.  After a period of time, you begin to not feel well.  You have unexplained weight gain, anxiety through the roof, your hair is falling out.  Something isn’t right.  You begin to research about the side effects and complications from having the Mirena IUD inserted.   You identify that you suffer from many of the awful side effects (like the ones found on this website).  You begin to get very concerned with what you read.  At some point during your continuing research you begin to ask the question “Did I make a mistake, should I get my Mirena removed?”  On top of all the side effects, you are introduced to a phenomenon called “The Mirena Crash”, of course anything with the word crash in it sounds unpleasant (stock market crash, automobile crash), and the Mirena Crash is no exception.  It’s a scary event that’s for sure!

What is “The Mirena Crash”?

When the Mirena is in the body, the body produces less and less of its natural hormone, progesterone, because of the sustained release of the synthetic hormone, progestin from the Mirena IUD, and this causes many side effects and imbalances in the body. It gets worse when the Mirena is removed, as the body is no longer getting that synthetic hormone progestin, and yet is still not producing enough of its own innate natural hormone progesterone.  This causes a rapid and extreme hormone imbalance in the body which makes a woman feel even worse than the symptoms she was experiencing before Mirena was removed.

How do you know if you are experiencing “The Crash”?

The symptoms of the Mirena Crash are very similar to the side effects you experience while having this IUD in your body, however to the average woman who decides to have the Mirena removed also expects these debilitating side effects to go away as well.  Considering depression and mood swings are some of the complications of Mirena, when it is removed and a woman realizes that she is feeling worse than better, you can see she could be in a very dark and lonely place.  So (other than to stop the awful side effects), why else would a woman remove the Mirena if she knows she could easily experience “The Crash”?

New studies show link to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women.  It is often aggressive and will change a woman’s life and body forever.  New scientific studies have shown that a woman who has an IUD has a greater risk of developing breast cancer.  This is just another reason why women who are becoming more and more informed are having their Mirena IUDs removed (chancing their risk of experiencing a crash) and then using natural and holistic methods to help them recover from the crash and return to a happy, healthy self.  Along with all the other symptoms associated with Mirena, this is just another reason to seriously consider if the IUD is a right fit for you.




Alexander Bloom