Microdermabrasion – Diamonds are Still a Girl’s Best Friend


If you’ve never treated yourself to a microdermabrasion but you’re contemplating one now, it’s likely because you’re poring over your skin in the mirror, wondering why your face is lacking the luster and youthful glow it once had?! Sun, wind, not-washing-your-face-at night, Father Time – these are just some reasons why it looks the way it does – and microdermabrasion can help turn turn back the clock to give your face a fighting chance. Or at the very least, it will reveal a fresh, new layer of skin to the world, making you wonder why you waited so long to do this in the first place?!

But what exactly is microdermabrasion? It is the manual removal of dead and damaged skin cells, and by doing so, it refines the texture and improves the overall evenness of your skin tone. The procedure facilitates more rapid cell turn over and collagen stimulation, which in turn will help your skin look healthy and refreshed.

There are two types of microdermabrasion:

1) Crystal Tip – Using very fine sand aluminum oxide crystals that are blown onto the skin and then suctioned off with a vacuum.

2) Diamond Tip – the micronized diamonds on the end of the wand tip remove the skin cells which are again “vacuumed” away by a suction action. Depending on the level of suction used the skin will turn mildly pink, normally returning to its natural color within a few hours.

Incorporating a microdermabrasion treatment once a month can do wonders for your skin’s long-term health and appearance, and it greatly improves the absorption and effectiveness of home-care beauty products. It also is a great polisher of the skin after an IPL photofacial or medium depth peel – ask me for more details on these services.

If you’re battling acne and hyper-pigmentation, initially this microdermabrasion treatment is best done is a series of four, every two weeks, until the desired results are achieved. After that, a treatment once a month should suffice to maintain the results. Keep in mind that after a microdermabrasion treatment, your skin will be highly sensitive for the next 72 hours, making sunblock and hats a must wear.

So, next time you’re gazing at your diamond ring or earrings (or even the stars in the sky!), remind yourself of all the benefits that tiny little diamonds on the end of a wand can do for your face, and book your microdermabrasion treatment today!

Tanya Gioia, has ten years experience in skin care therapy and is currently developing Joyous Skin Care Natural Line. Visit her blog for the ins and outs of both holistic and medical skin care.  Making your skin happy and healthy.

Tanya Gioia
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